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feb 19 wed Peace Creep (record release), George Chen (comedy), Future Twin,
       Buffalo Tooth, dj Jello Biafra at the Elbo Room, S.F. 21+ $5 9pm ** @

Nomad + Future? + Side Effects + Ssyndrom (tape release).
Colony, 3512 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento all ages, $7.

feb 21 fri Propagandhi, Flatliners
       at the Metro, Oakland a/a $10 7pm/8pm # *** @

feb 21 fri Dopecharge, Future (Philadelphia), Sadicos (L.A.), Side Effects,
       Iskallt Regn (Houston), Deras King, D.H.C.
       at Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland 21+ 7pm *** @ (Manic Relapse Fest)

feb 21 fri The Stitches, The Bodies, Modern Action, The Richmond Sluts,
       at the Blank Club, San Jose 21+ $12 9pm *** @ (Slicks Bash)

feb 22 sat Ruleta Rusa, Blazing Eye (L.A.), Grima (L.A.), Rad (Sacramento),
       Reckless at World Rage Center, 911 35th St., Emeryville
       a/a *** @ (Manic Relapse Fest - daytime show)

feb 22 sat 1984, Diatribe (San Diego), Resist And Exist (L.A.),
       Strung Up, Nomad (N.Y.C.), Rotten Fux (San Jose), Bombsplinter (L.a.)
       at the Continental Club, 1658 12th Street, Oakland a/a 7pm *** @
       (Manic Relapse Fest)

Croissants (7" release) + Strange Party (tape release) + RAD + Crude Studs.
8 pm @ Luigis, 1050 20th St, Sacramento all ages, $5. 

mar  1 sat Negativland, Illusion Of Safety, Thomas Dimuzio
       at the Uptown, Oakland 21+ $15 9pm ***

mar  1 sat Fang, Texas Thieves, Trouble Maker
       at the El Rio, S.F. 21+ $10 9pm/10pm *** @

mar  9 sun Richie Ramone, He Who Can NJot Be Named, Bite,
       The Unfortunate Bastard
       at the Brick and Mortar, S.F. 18+ $12/$15 8pm/8pm *** @

mar 14 fri Valient Steed (Sacramento) at the El Rio, S.F. 21+ free **

mar 15 sat The Tubes at Harlow's, Sacramento 21+ ***

mar 15 sat The Devils Train, Dog Party, Shinobu, Alarms, Pug Skullz, Slutzville
       at the Miner's Foundry, 325 Spring Street, Nevada City
       a/a $12/$15 6pm/7pm *** @

Fiasco Sideshow + Julie the Bruce + Darby Crash Bluegrass Band.
8 pm @ Colony, 3512 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento all ages. 

mar 21 fri FLESHIES, Iron Chic, Canadian Rifle, Jabber, Great Apes
       at 924 Gilman Street, Berkeley a/a $7-$20 sliding scale 7pm/8pm *** @
       (Benefit for Mike Montano)

apr 11 fri Cheetah Chrome & The Street Walkin' Cheetahs
       at the Blank Club, San Jose 21+ 9pm **

apr 18 fri Motorhead, Graveyard at the Warfield, S.F. a/a # *** @ $

jul  7 mon Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at the Warfield, S.F. a/a # *** (KALX)
jul  8 tue Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at the Warfield, S.F. a/a # *** (KALX)


Hardcore & International Punk & Punk & Riot Grrrl & Street Punk

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Sunday 2/09/2014 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Kaka De Luxe Rosario/Toca El Pito Kaka De Luxe Chapa Discos 1978
Les Feles Mon Lycee Les Feles Vid’ordur 1978
Really Red White Lies Modern Needs Angry Neighbor 1992
Lost Kids Alle Taller Bloodstains Across Europe Bloodstains Org. 1979
Goteborg Sound 1978 1978 GBG 1978
Dirty Rust I Straden Gnistrande Sno Stage & Music 1981
Simpletones I Like Drugs California Posh Boy 1979
Wild Youth Radio Youth A Leopard Never Changes Her Spots Fresh 2012
Pussy Riot Putin Lights Up the Fires Single Self Release 2012
Vonbridgi Skiteydi Vonbridgi Gramm 1982
Voodoo Idols Dead Air We Dig Nixon Veedee 1982
Riot Squad SA Second Hand Clothes Total Onslaught Final Hour 1981
AD 1984 The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming Voyage International 1979
The Nuns World War III The Nuns Bomp 1980
Shock This Generation's On Vacation This Generation's On Vacation Impact 1978
Leaders White Lightning Lowlife Airout 1979
Gizmos Just A Little Insane Nevermind the Sex Pistols! Here's the Gizmos Gulcher 2002
Henchmen I Got A Right I Got A Right Cadaver 1982
Fraebbblarnir No Friends Bjor Falkinn 1981
Hates Nuclear Age Panacea Faceless 1982
Magic De Spell Poor Johnny's Lonely Blues Nightmare Happening 1981
The Pagans Little Black Egg Dead End America Treehouse 1987
Tools Asexuality In the 1980s SF Underground Subterranean 1979
Daisy Chain Respect The Girls Can Dish It Out Too Emancypunx 2006
Reverend Pike Dead Horse Uglier and Less Able Youth Club Tape Club 2002
Naked Aggression Lies Put Some Pussy In Your Punk On the Rag 1998
He's Dead Jim Regret Put Some Pussy In Your Punk On the Rag 1998
Abrasive Wheels Burn 'em Down Punk & Disorderly III Anagram 1994
One Way System Give Us A future Punk & Disorderly III Anagram 1994
Cockney Rejects Police Car The Punk Generation: Nasty Nasty Castle Communications 1995
The Lurkers I Don't Need To Tell Her I Don't Need To Tell Her Beggars Banquet 1978
The Business Suburban Rebels Suburban Rebels Roadrunner 1983
Blitz Youth Warriors No Future 1982
Rats Das Madchen das du liebst Es Chaos is Die Botschaft! Es Wurschtn es! Luziprak 1997
Boslinge Scheib Kibarei Fuck Kibarei Panzaplatte 1981
Dead Nittels Bla Bla Early Songs 1981-1983 Rave Up 2013
Dirt Shit Discoscheisser Rattenloch Ratt 1979
STD Konflict Es Chaos is Die Botschaft! Es Wurschtn es! Luziprak 1997
Dead Nittels Der Papst Early Songs 1981-1983 Rave Up 2013
Vonbridgi Sjelmord Vonbridgi Gramm 1982. Vonbrigði means “disappointment” in Icelandic.
No Way Breaking Point No Way Our Own 1978
VKTMS Ballad of the Pincushion Smith SF Underground Subterranean 1979