Midnight Chimes

Blue Reya

The wonderful .. the smooth and the most out of the blue international vibes just for you :)

~ For the lows & Highs, music cures all -- straight to the heart ~

Love, Reya Blue


Blues & Classical & Eclectic & Electronic & Experimental & Folk & Hardcore & Indie & International & Jazz & Latin & Maybe Gypsy & Maybe Metal & Maybe Something New & Metal & Music That Catches You Heart & Rock & You Have Never Heard Before

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Saturday 1/25/2014 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Gai Saber Occitania Que T'en Vas La fabrica Occitana Dunya Records
Gipsy Kings Galaxia Gipsy Kings Elektra Entertainment Allegria
Romane & Angelo Debarre Legende A Musical Tour de France World Music Contemp & Traditional French
Quartetto L'Escargot Magida Corri Self Released Italy- Apolia
Gipsy Kings Allegria Gipsy Kings Elektra Entertainment France
Caci Vorba Lume Vai Tajno Biav (Secret Marriage) Oriente Musik Romanian Gypsy
Sonja Drakulich,Jeffery Stott, Gary Haggerty, Susu Pampanin,Marika Hughes, Zephyrus Stellamara City Of Tribes Records
Amador Geromo Y Hector Romero Ensamble Porque Yo Te Amo Al Gitano por Flamenco Acqua Records
Caci Vorba Pe Ulita Armeneasca Tajno Biav (Secret Marriage) Oriente Musik Romanian Gypsy
Kocani Orkestra The Orient is Red Gypsy Road World Music Macedonia Sounds
Asturiana Mining Company Salton Vaqueru Asturiana Mining Company Norfolk
Daniel Paul Wave Runner Rhythms Of Paradise Soundings World Music Sounds of Maui
Aulaga Folk Griselda No Es Mala Lena Armando Records
Moussu T E Lei Jovents Dins La Nuech De Mon Astre Putan de Cancon Manivette
Lejonbruden The Lion And The Bride Triakel - Triakel NorthSide
Moussu T E Lei Jovents Bons Baisers De Marseille Putan de Cancon Manivette
Ottopasuuna Tsizikpolkka Ottopasuuna Xenophile
Chateau Neuf Halling From Numedal Stolen Goods NorthSide
Balogh, Kalman Magyar Verbunk Master Of The Gypsy Cimbalom ARC Music
Karelian Folk Music Ensemble Waltz From The Southern Karelia From The Land of the Kalevala Gadfly
Kalman Balogh Vajdaszentivanyi Forgatos The Art Of Gipsy Cimbalom ARC Music
Annaboubo Lets Go To Jail Annaboubo Shanachie Records
Lien Annbjorg Aprilbarnet Prisme Shanachie Entertainment Co