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Monday 1/06/2014 @ 8:00PM - 9:00PM
Stroke Band Fiction Non-Fiction Green and Yellow Abacus 1978
Tyler Famularo Help Me Down Deep 1975
Edwards Hand Sing Along With the Singer Edwards Hand Lightning Tree
The Executive Tracy Took a Trip V/A Pop Sike Pipe Dreams Past & Present
Fred Frith The Welcome Cheap at Half the Price
Combined Minds Comfortable 1984 Multi Purpose Musik!
Dalt, Lucrecia Glosolalia Syzygy Human Ear Music
Dan Plaza Ontario Plaza--the Free Edition
German Army Communion With Form Last Language A Giant Fern
Grooms Sleep Detective Infinity Caller Western Vinyl
Andy Human Warrior Call Freeze Chrome Waves Radio
Verlaines Death and the Maiden Juvenilia Captured Tracks orig 1987 on Flying Nun
Happy Birthday Eyes Music Happy Birthday Sub Pop For Chris Killimanjaro! Happy Birthday. :)
Ashley, Greg Fingerprints Death of a Ladies' Man Guitars and Bongos
Bent Shapes Hex Manuevers Feels Weird Father/Daughter
Heavenly Beat Forever Prominence Captured Tracks