Crazed Cacophony

Amerz5 & Subtle Bunny

Dante's Inferno A-Go-Go filling in with guest DJ Laura



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Sunday 12/22/2013 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
The Laurels Black Cathedral Mesozoic Self-Released
Dialogue from a Silent Film Spiders (Untitled Full-Length) SLCR Recordings (forthcoming)
Tennis System Such a Drag Such a Drag (single) Self-Released (from forthcoming full-length)
Dead Leaf Echo Memorytraces Thought & Language Neon Sigh
American Cream Disguises Nathan Old Blackberry Way
Flavor Crystals Mirror Chop Three mpls ltd
Nightmare Air 18 Days Escape (single) Self-Released (from full-length on Saint Marie)
Jetman Jet Team Detail We Will Live In the Space Age Saint Marie
Add N to (X) Oh Yeah, Oh No Avant Hard Mute
Screen Vinyl Image Asteroid Exile Interceptors Custom Made Music / Safranin Sound
The Soft Bombs Only Be a Man Altered Sierra Self-Released (forthcoming) local
Vue White Traffic Vue Sub Pop sf bay
Moonbeams Forever Forever Blue Aurora Audio sf bay
Airs Adrift Adore Self-Released sf bay
Drive-Thru Mysics Blister Me, Baby Brick Noise Loves Audio local
Electro Group Coronet Historical Contest Self-Released local
Fleeting Joys Lovely Crawl Despondant Transponder Only Forever Recordings local
Tamaryn Violet's In a Pool Tender New Signs Mexican Summer sf bay
Wax Idols The Scent of Love Discipline & Desire Slumberland / Burger Records sf bay
Seely Exploring the Planets Julie Only Too Pure
Exquisite Corps I Want What I Want Exquisite Corps Self-Released local
Blue Oaks Skeleton Key Hit By a Train from New York City Blues Self-Released local
Dead Western Leer Jet Everything, Eternally Discorporate Records local
Chatham Rise Fall In Chatham Rise Picture In My Ear
The Cure Icing Sugar Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Stiffs, Inc. For Your Love Electric Chair Theatre Self-Released