Neonate (Fighting for a Future)

M. Riot & Punk Roge

This weekend highlights:
* A spooky punk rock show!
* BP Sucks! Stop offshore drilling:
* Rock the free food! --> Food Not Bombs
* Neonate Web Site:
* Net Neutrality:
* New Punk Rock!
* Your Punk Rock requests!
* And so much more!


RIP Luigi’s in Davis.


Hardcore & International Punk & Punk & Riot Grrrl & Street Punk

Missed the Show?

MP3 Stream 320kbps, broadband

Sunday 10/27/2013 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Misfits Static Age
Misfits TV Casualty
Misfits Some Kinda Hate
Misfits Last Caress
Misfits Return Of The Fly
Misfits Hybrid Moments
Misfits We Are 138
Misfits Teenagers From Mars
Misfits Angelfuck
Misfits Attitude
Misfits Bullet
Misfits Theme For A Jackal
Misfits She
Bratmobile Where Eagles Dare The Real Janelle Kill Rock Stars
Atom & His Package Where Eagles Dare Atom & His Package Bloodlink
Biafra, Jello The Terror Of Tinytown The Audacity of Hype Alternative Tentacles
Spits Witch Hunt Spits Dirtnap
Speeding In The Rain Until Death Big Deal R.I.P. Self Release
Dead Boys Sonic Reducer Night Of The Living Bomp!
T.S.O.L. Dance With Me Dance With Me Epitaph
Siouxsie And The Banshees Love In A Void Once Upon A Time/The Singles Geffen
Action Pact! Gothic Party Time The Punk Singles Collection Captain Oi!
45 Grave Evil Sleep In Safety Restless
Cramps TV Set Bad Music For Bad People I.R.S.
Dance for Destruction Black Cat self-titled Black Rag
Groovie Goulies Pumpkinhead Born In The Basement Green Door
Secretions Fuckin Zombies 'Til Death Springman
Ramones Pet Semetary The Chrysalis Years EMI Disc One
Rat Damage Graveyard Cursed FYBS
X Devil Doll More Fun In The New World Elektra
Various Artists The Left Hand - Undead Bride Batshit Crazy Bat Guano Productions
Love Songs I Turned Into A Medley Love Songs Impatient or Indifference/New Disorder
Saccharine Trust A Human Certainty Paganicons SST
Accused, The Devil Woman More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral Combat
Angry Samoans Coffin Case The Unboxed Set Triple X