Unspeakable Cults


The dream will surely come true before long, and you will indeed sit down at the table of brotherhood as equals with people of all colors, but this will be no comfort to you.  All will be equal in their oppression by the immortal masters who own the earth.  There is no hope.  You will shortly join the woefully immiserated cretins who crawl amidst the ruins of a world smashed to rubble, and all will be peers in their own destruction.  This is the Malefactor's ultimate design.

Behold the Malefactor's unholy presence here. 

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Ambient & Metal & Spoken Word

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Tuesday 8/27/2013 @ 11:00PM - 12:00AM
Blasphemous Creation Disciples Of The Underworld Shadows Of Evil Self Released Reno, Nevada-based black/thrash horde. 2008 release.
Solitary Priapism American VD Terminal Exhibition Self Released 2013 debut from this local death/grind act.
Maveth Dragon Of The Continuum Coils of the Black Earth Dark Descent Records 2012 release of dark death metal.
Svartsyn Venom of the Underworld Black Testament Agonia 2013.
Soilwork Millionflame The Chainheart Machine Century 2000.
Power Trip Murderer's Row Manifest Decimation Southern Lord 2013.
Iron Maiden Blood On The World's Hands The X Factor Sony Overlooked classics set, go! First up, a Blaze Bayley-era Maiden track.
Black Sabbath When Death Calls Headless Cross A gem from Tony Martin's dramatically underrated era.
Celtic Frost The Heart Beneath Vanity/Nemesis Noise The comeback album after the Cold Lake nadir.
Dark Angel Time Does Not Heal Time Does Not Heal Combat 1991 thrash masterpiece.
Testament Let Go Of My World The Ritual Atlantic A good track from what ought to have been a greater commercial breakthrough for the band.
Vio-lence Ageless Eyes Nothing to Gain Bleeding Hearts 1993 lackluster effort with moments of decency.
Deus Mortem Receving The Impurity of Jeh Emanations of the Black Light Strych Promotions 2013 AOTY contender.
Archgoat The Dawn Of The Antichrist The Light-Devouring Darkness Moribund Thanks for the request!
Dawn The Knell and the World Slaughtersun Necropolis 1998. Hard to find release of mighty, epic black metal.
Ancient Prophecy of Gehenna The Cainian Chronicle Metal Blade Thanks for the request!
Black Funeral Evocation in the Lunar Lodge (Lycanthropic Atavisms) Moon of Characith Full Moon Productions 1999. One of the early luminaries of US black metal.
Chaos Invocation Faces On My Spiritual Plane Black Mirror Hours World Terror Committee 2013 sophomore release. In spite of some meandering self-indulgence, still a quality band.
Sarpanitum Before The Walls Fidelium Self Released Brutal blackened death metal from the UK.
Summon Fallen Fallen Moribund 2005.
Nefas The Passage Seven Times Seven Bones Brigade 2002.
Setherial Hell Eternal Hell Eternal Napalm 1998.
Skyforger Kurshi Kauja Pie Saules II Moons 1998.
Thyrfing Digerdoden Vansinnesvisor Hammerheart 2002.
Nechochwen Azimuths to the Otherworld Azimuths To The Otherworld Bindrune Recordings 2009 masterpiece of folk/black/doom based on American indigenous myths.
Blind Guardian Damned For All Time Follow the Blind Virgin 1989.
3 Inches Of Blood Heir To The Chaos Throne Battlecry Under A Winter Sun Sonic Unyon 2009.
Sick of it All We Stand Alone Just Look Around Relativity 1992.
Integrity Hated of the World To Die For Deathwish 2003.
Converge The Saddest Day Petitioning The Empty Sky Equal Vision 1996.
Meshiha Commence the Suffering Commence the Suffering Permeated Records WE WILL ALWAYS COMMENCE IT