Kicksville 29 BC

Tim Matranga

Garage,psychedelia, 50's, 60's, R+B, Soul, Funk, all the best, all the time.

Loren fills-in this evening...  licorice flavored popsicle sticks... what's so funny?


60S Rock & Psych & R+B & Soul

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Sunday 9/01/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Incredible String Band Cosmic Boy
Pearls Before Swine There's No Other
Wendy & Bonnie The Ice Cream Man Song (demo)
The Millenium The Island
Tim Buckley Dolphins (live)
Zerfas I Need It Higher
Kath It Doesn't Mean
The Sounds Like Us The Other Side of A Record
Paul Gayten I Ain't Gonna Let You In
Sharon Marie Run-Around Lover
Linda Jones You Hit Me Like TNT
Rachel & The Revolvers Number One
Gene Pitney If I Didn't Have A Dime (To Play The Jukebox)
The Standells Our Candidate
Willie Alexander & The Boom Boom Band Garbage Man (live)
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Midnight Moses
The Beautiful Daze City Jungle Part 2
A.C. Reed I Got Money To Burn
Jackie Harris & The Champions Work Your Flapper (Part1)
Wiley Terry Shake It Baby
Wanda Davis Save Me
Mae Young You Got Me Under Your Spell
Stark Reality All You Need To Make Music
Shuggie Otis XL-30
The Basement Funky Music
The Ceyleib People Ceyladd Beyta
Ray Harlowe & Gyp Fox Gettin' Keyed
Danny Ben-Isreal Seagulls
Bruce Palmer Alpha-Omega-Apocalypse (excerpt)