Raise The Dead

The Blasphemer

 Polluter subbing for Blasphemer tonight if I understood the voice mail correctly. He will be interviewing Orchid at their SLIM's show tonight. I will play mix of Black Metal during the first hour while the second hour is brought to you by the letter "I".

Metal bands, submit your music for airplay to:


14 Lower Freeborn Hall

Davis, CA 95616




Missed the Show?

MP3 Stream 320kbps, broadband

Saturday 7/20/2013 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Valdur Vicious Existence Raven God Amongst Us Bloody Mountain The Start of the Black Metal set.
Satanic Warmaster Vampires Nachzehrer Werewolf Records
Grand Belial's Key Reflections of the Coffin Lid Mocking The Philanthropist Moribund
Sacramentum Shun The Light Thy Black Destiny Century Media 1999
Nyseius Les Symboles De La Catharsis Militiae ATMF 2010
Dark Funeral The Arrival Of Satan's Empire Diabolis Interium REGAIN RECORDS 2000
Malignance Inverted Pantheon Regina Umbrae Mortis Masterpiece 2003. From Italy
Obscuro Greatness Of Evil Obscurity Dwells DRAKKAR 2008
Integrity Heaven's Final War To Die For Deathwish
Imagika New Power Rises Feast For The Hated Locomotive 2008
Insision The Foul Smell Of Humans Revealed and Worshipped Wicked World 2004
Internal Suffering Evil Sorcerors Supreme Knowledge Domain QAB
Iniquity Prophecy Of The Dying Watcher Serenadium Diehard
Internal Bleeding Reflection Of Ignorance Voracious Contempt PAVEMENT
Inherit Disease Sentient Horror Visceral Transcendence Unique Leader
Iced Earth Blessed Are You Something Wicked This Way Comes Caroline 1998
Infernal War Crushing Impure Idolatry Terrorfront Agonia
Inferno Tormentor Utter Hell Osmose 1996
Impaler Legend Of The 13 Graves Old School Ghouls Root Of All Evil
Impaled Nazarene Impure Orgies Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz osmose
Incantation Invoked Infinity Vanquish In Vengeance Listenable Records
Immolation Bound To Order Kingdom of Conspiracy Nuclear Blast 2013
Infinitum Obscure Infinite Silence Sub Atris Caelis Deathgasm
Iron Prostate Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia 45 RPM Vital Music Records 1991