Treasure Sounds


New York 19 - field recordings of a single postal code
& more New York sounds


Folk & Field Recordings

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Thursday 6/27/2013 @ 6:00AM - 8:00AM
Lucky Dragons Clipped Gongs Dream Island Laughing Upset! The Rhythm
Lucky Dragons Starter Culture Dream Island Laughing Upset! The Rhythm
Tony Schwartz New York 19 New York 19 Folkways field recordings from a single postal code in New York
Arthur Russell Soon To Be Innocent / Let's See World of Echo Upside Records
Amy Goodman Interview KDVS News rebroadcast
Glenn Branca Lesson No 1 for Electric Guitar Lesson No 1 Acute Records
Theoretical Girls You Got Me New York Noise
Mars Helen Forsdale No New York Antilles Records a compilation of New York no wave from Brian Eno
Contortions I Can't Stand Myself No New York Antilles Records
Sitting for a Blueberry Curt Oren The Elder (far right)