Raise The Dead

The Blasphemer


Interviewing Pontus of Agrimonia live via phone.

 next week airing interview with Vidar of Kvelertak from the recent show at Slims 



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Saturday 5/11/2013 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Agrimonia Hunted Rites Of Seperation Southern Lord
Agrimonia live interview with Pontus
Agrimonia Awaiting Rites Of Seperation Southern Lord
Martyrdod Hor Varningen! In Extremis Havoc vinyl
Miasmal We will Live Forever Miasmal Detest vinyl
Byfrost Shadow Of Fear Of Death AFM vinyl
Darkthrone Graveyard Slut (alternate vocal) Too Old Too Cold Peaceville vinyl
High On Fire Fury Whip Death Is This Communion Relapse vinyl
Ninth Moon Black Via Dolorosa Chronophage self released vinyl
Vreid Jarnbyrd I Krig Indie vinyl
Devil Beyond The Gate Gather The Sinners Soulseller vinyl
Kvelertak Tordenbrak Meir Roadrunner/Indie
Aeternus There Will Be None ...and the Seventh His Soul Detesteth Dark Essence Records