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Russian dolls in dolls in dolls in dolls...some young, some old Russian melodies to lighten your afternoon. 

Leon Theremin, inventor of one of the first electronic intruments, is one of the most fascinating Russian people. You should definitely Google him for the rest of the day. 

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Thursday 5/02/2013 @ 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Andrei Krylov Bessarabia Gypsy Dance Russian Tzigane Music
The Fydorov Sisters In the Window Stands a Red Rose Contemporary and Traditionnal Folk
Mark Bernes Ogonek Russian Legends
Russian Balalaika Folk Music Ensemble Tonkaya Ryabina The Russian Balalaika Folk Ensemble
Mikhail Shufutinsky Ochi Chernye
Boris Grebenshikov My Little Loom Russian Songwriter
The Riddle Podmoskovnye Vechera 20 Luchshikh Zastol'n
Alla Pugacheva Mne Nravitsya Greatest Hits
Chikiss Clouds Chikiss self-released
Zemfira Plane Russian Rock - Volume 1 Collection
Kino A Star Called the Sun A Star Called the Sun
Serebryanaya Svadba Ya Zhizn Liublyu (I Love Life) Laterna Magica
Alina Orlova Vaiduoklial Lakunis Suo Dingo
Dsh!Dsh! Nesus Future Sound of Russia
2H Company Major Paranoia Psychohirurgi
Guf Tpnarpytpnka Torbko Tam T.R,K.nnnnc
Both Two Racers
Katya Lel Moi Marmeladny
Pompeya 90 Tropical
Sunsay Mama
Andrey Zeberti Aaban mehrtbcr tenamn
Town walkers Nata Music for Town walking
Spies Boys I'm a Wonder Man Apple Tale