Tim Matranga

One of the many great Hi 45s by Syl Johnson; new box set of Syl's is out on Numero Group, so let's hear a few select tracks.


Garage & Psych & Soul

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Sunday 11/28/2010 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Roberto Seto Hit the Road, Jack Vogue France
Richard Berry Go Go Girl AMC
James Booker and His Organ Gonzo Peacock
The Sisters Three Can You Qualify? Early Bird Bay Area soul girls
Johnson, Syl Teardrops Complete Mythology Numero Group new: Syl Johnson box set on Numero Group
Johnson, Syl Teardrops Complete Mythology Numero Group
Johnson, Syl I Resign From Your Love Complete Mythology Numero Group
Johnson, Syl Straight Love No Chaser Complete Mythology Numero Group
Johnson, Syl Dresses Too Short Complete Mythology Numero Group
Johnson, Syl Different Strokes Complete Mythology Numero Group
Syl Johnson The Love You Left Behind Hi
Art Grayson & the Graysettes Better Hush Congress 1965, Montgomery AL
V/A Maurice Rodgers - Coming In Out of the Rain Double Shot of Soul Kent Soul Double Shot, 1969
Weston Prim Get That Feelin' Brent
Bobby Freeman Oughta Be a Law Double Shot Bay area
Sisters Three You Can Forget It Early Bird
Wynder K Frog Green Door UK Island
Nobles Something Else Delaware Garage Distortions
Chadwicks The Only Way to Do It Baltimore's Teen Beat a Go Go Get Hip
Fabulous Pharoahs Hold Me Tight
The Night Walker Night Walker more Baltimore
Apollos Target Love Finest Hours of 60s Punk Montgomery Washington DC garage, Falls Church, VA
Bobby J & the Generations Lost in Time Baltimore crude garager
Apollos That's the Breaks Delta, originally
Mad Hatters I'll Come Running Annapolis, MD garager
The Tree Man From Nowhere
The Jujus Hey Little Girl The Jujus Cicadelic MI garager
Riptides She Set Me Free Spin IL garager
The Bumps Hard Woman Picadilly Seattle 60s
Donovan Epistle to Dippy Epic
Public Nuisance Magical Music Box Gotta Survive Frantic Sacramento fuzz rocker w/ Dave Houston vocals
The Tages It's In a Dream Studio RPM Sweden 67
Anton Barbeau Psychedelic Mynde of Moses Psychedelic Mynde of Moses Idiot new release, 2010
Dials Watch Her Walk Away Rosy Hours Gear Discs 2009, UK grp
Virgin Sleep Love UK Decca
San Kazakgascar The Switchbacks are Crumbling The Crotch of the Gorge Lather 2010, new EP
Rain Parade Kaleidoscope Llama 1982 debut single
Loons, The The Losers Win Red Dissolving Rays of Light Bomp 2010, new release
A Group Called Eve Within a World of You Abbey Cleveland grp
Wall Flower Complextion Sapphire Shadoks US teens in Colombia
Dungen Vara Snabb Skit I Allt Mexican Summer