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from what seems like an eternity of isolation

but was really only two and a half months

springy brings you

songs about cubes

and other political movements

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Thursday 9/16/2010 @ 12:00AM - 3:00AM
Egyptian Lover Dance Pyramix 12" Egyptian Empire Recs This is what I'm dancing to at my dream prom if I had been the DJ
Sic Alps Superlungs My Supergirl L Mansion 7" Slumberland Donovan cover. Much better than Donovan version...
Explode Into Colors Eyes Hands Mouth EHM 7" Kill Rock Stars Too bad they broke up! Too bad they never came out with a full-length! Too bad I only got to see them once and they were amazing!
Snakefinger The Model Chewing Hides the Sound Ralph Records Kraftwerk Cover. Also much superior to Kraftwerk version...
What's Up Seasonings Greeting Content Imagination OYB Kinda like if Jeff Beck actually played keys and never played in a band with vocals and also had a kickass drummer and bassist and was a retrofuturist. Sort of.
Karate Party Quality Black Helicopter S-S Sick! Kinda like Jefff Beck if Jeff Beck sang as well and shredded and had a drummer and bassist and sometimes caught on fire and engineered every single awesome album of the last ten years. Pretty Much
Eat Skull Heaven's Stranger Wild and Inside Siltbreeze Wow... Maybe if Jeff Beck lived in New Zealand and played in a band that had a full-time organist and played concerts out of the back of a pickup truck driving around Auckland (while on fire)?
Times New Viking Call and Respond/Pagan Eyes/Hate Hate Hate Call and Respond EP Matador If Jeff Beck was high on meth and built himself a motorcycle entirely out of glue and then entered a demolition derby and won, this is what it'd sound like
Nar Renaissance A Four Song EP Yakamashi Recs If Jeff Beck was Scott Miller, and had this genius fuzzpop dream, maybe Renaissance would be its soundtrack
The Fall Paint-Work This Nation's Saving Grace Beggars Banquet If Jeff Beck made at least one album a year between 1978 and 2006 and was terminally bored and could write poetry and gave up the guitar to hold a mic and scream at hipstertrash and outlasted f-ing EVERYONE then maybe it would go a bit like this
That Band Their A-Side That 7" Their Mom's Record Label From Those Guys Whose Show This Is Meant To Be
Kraftwerk Antenna Radioactivity Cold Metal Robot Guys Records I mean, this is a radio station. You're listening to the radio. This is appropriate
Stereolab Interlock Interlock 7" Too Pure Quite an a-side. Quite a band. This is one of their few songs where some massive hulking influence isn't hiding, really.
Spring Chuck it Up Spring and Friends Bungalow This is the best song by the best band of all time. Think about that.
Channels 3+4 Input Select Christianity Summer Lovers Unltd TURNITONTURNITONTURNITON
Dolly Mixture Sorry to Leave You Demonstration Tapes Germs of Youth My fav record right now. Double-LP 'Demonstration' reissue on Germs of Youth, UK label, only 300. Thanks to Tobi Vail for giving me the heads up on this!
Go Sailor Long Distance (alt. mix) Long Distance 7" I Wish I Was a SLR Record For the SLR 20th anniversary shows!
Edith Piaf La Vie, L'amour The Voice of the Sparrow Capitol Well, yeah. This song rips harder than anything you've heard from france for awhile, right?!?
Shop Assistants All That Ever Mattered Will Anything Happen? Cherry Red Musicks that move ya and actually have meaning as well don't come along too often in this miserable world. Shop Assistants are eternal
Crystal Stilts Love is a Wave Love is a Wave 7" Slumberland The best a-side/b-side of the last five years. So much better than that album or that ep
The Pharmacy Coldest Morning Light Weekend Spirit Aminals Really good act, sick tape, seattle verellen amps jams for people who wonder where the pianos went
Dear Nora Air Uncapped: 10 years of Magic Marker Recs Magic Marker Such a good way to do an overview of Magic Marker; every artist covered another Magic Marker artist; this is an Owls cover
Huge Cookies I Walk the Line Compact Disc S/R Some sort of magik from seattle bros
Monoshock Halloween Party Runnin' ape-like from the backwards superman S-S Recs Grady Runyan fucking blows your mind, steals your cars, hires your mom to stage a coup d'etat in suriname and then mails a letterbomb to shakira
Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa Kedalaman Air live at the northern no records This song is way better live so I'm using a recording taken from a video shot at olympia's The Northern venue. So awesome!