Art for Spastics

DJ Rick

Special guests from Olympia, WA, in Studio A tonight: Hari Kari (members of HPP) and Hooded.


Diy & Etc & Punk

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Monday 9/06/2010 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Hygiene Fixed Odds Betting Terminal Things That Dreams Are Made Of La Vida es un Mus *new
UV Race Society Made Me Selfish self-titled Aarght! 2009
Banque Allemande Keine Regierung Eins, Zwei S-S *new
Big Black Cloud Allergic to Love Dark Age Stank House *new
v/a Art Thieves - I've Had It HoZac Hookup Klub Round One HoZac *new
White Boss Darkness / Lightness self-titled Perennial *new
Sonskull Housing Birth Scene/Rewind EP Perennial *new
Hari Kari True Wealth Hari Kari Self-Released *new
H.P.P. Suicide/Homicide self-titled Perennial *new
Hooded Int'l Hooded Anthem Pt. 1 Live in Studio A right now!
Hooded When Dads Drink
Hooded God's Dick
Hooded My Life's Hard, I Promise
Hooded Megaman/Baseball
Hooded 2 Hunters
Hooded Boyfriend
Hooded Int'l Hooded Anthem Pt. 2
Topless Mongos Torture Chamber self-titled CS no label *new
Topless Mongos Theme from Human Centipede
Boom!/White Fang Boom! - Tidal Wave Old Standard Sessions #1 Hovercraft *new
The Memories Softly/Blow My Mind forthcoming CS Gnar Tapes *new
Procedure Club Slut Fossil Doomed Forever Slumberland *new
Exiles from Clowntown Around the Corner Around the Corner Greatdividing *new
Druid Perfume Pointed Hat Tin Boat to Tuna Town Bumbo *new
Waste Rig Follow Yr Dreams Ritual Cleansing: Phase 2010 CS Pollen Season *new
Waste Rig Spirit Storm/Live Like a Laser
Hari Kari Brakes Live in Studio A right now!
Hari Kari Bubb's Unborn
Hari Kari Waves
Hari Kari Fried Eggs
Hari Kari Horse Void
Hari Kari Skin My Teeth
Hari Kari Heady Cops
Hari Kari Pesterizer
Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting untitled Bubblethug Weird Forest *new
Intelligence, The White Corvette Males In The Red Records *new
Total Control Paranoid Video Paranoid Video Smart Guy Records *new
Lil B My Windowsill Rain in England Weird Forest *new