Art for Spastics

DJ Rick

Live-in-Studio-A sets from
White Lung (Vancouver, BC)
Pigeon Religion & Hell-Kite (Phx/Tempe, AZ)
plus a gang o' new records!

And don't miss White Lung on Wednesday, July 16 in Sacto at Axewave Manor with G. Green and Verraterisch!


Diy & Etc & Punk

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Monday 7/12/2010 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Neonates Place in Space self-titled CS Effeminate *new
Inflatable Boy Clams Skeletons Skeletons 2x7-inch Subterranean 1981
Novak Attention/Six Pack Tention Hello 7-inch Dumb 1979
Honeymoon Killers Ariane Subtitled Remix 12-inch EP Carmmed Discs 1983
Various Artists Milligram Retreat - Allegement Kamp Holland Enfant Terrible *new
Myths The Wedding March self-titled 3-inch CD self-released *new
Nu Sensae New Lies TV. Death and the Devil Nominal *new
Vapid Septic Practically Dead Nominal/Deranged 2010
White Lung Tale It's the Evil Deranged *new
White Lung Rat Live in Studio A Recorded 7/9/10
White Lung Loose Heels
White Lung Elf / 546 Kids
White Lung Wild Failure dedicated to John Frusciante
White Lung Magazines
White Lung Two Seen
White Lung D.O.I.
White Lung Atlanta
Hell-Kite Hunter Live in Studio A recorded 7/8/10
Hell-Kite Cabin
Hell-Kite Wild Thing
Hell-Kite Veins
Hell-Kite Loose Strands
Pigeon Religion Warm Insides Live in Studio A recorded 7/8/10
Pigeon Religion There Are No Boundaries
Pigeon Religion Scorpion Milk
Pigeon Religion Dust
Pigeon Religion Henderson
Repressive Proteins Bowel Romp self-titled Self-Released *new
Clearleader Sewer Sewerwell CS *new
Clearleader Nothing to Wear
Sockeye Need Not Go Unnoticed v/a: Eerie Bazaar Eerie Materials 1997
The Fugs Kill for Peace self-titled ESP-Disk 1966
Foot Ox Charlie Brown O O O Stank House *new
Eat Skull What's So Magnetic? Crawl for Freedom CS Palto Flats *new