Art for Spastics

DJ Rick

KDVS presents...a July 4th party @ The Hub (1819 23rd Street in Sacramento) featuring the Bad Sports (ex-Wax Museums) from Denton, Texas, and Gay Beast from Minneapolis. all ages/8:30/$5.

Also, tonight's special sneak preview...Gold Magic by White Drugs, due July 20 on Kunstwaffe/AmRep. (AmRep is back?!?! Sorta.....listen tonight, and I'll explain!)


Diy & Etc & Punk

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Monday 6/28/2010 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Burn Rush To Relax Goner Records
Eddy Current Suppression Ring Through the Trees Wet Cement 7-inch Mexican Summer 2010
Lamps Salvation Road [The Kinks] The Role of the Dogcatcher... 7-inch Fan Death 2010
Lonely Moans Rockinerd Rockinerd 7-inch Amphetamine Reptile 1988
Big Black Cloud Allergic to Love Dark Age Stank House *new
Steel Pole Bath Tub What I Need Unlistenable Permanent *new (orig 1996)
Steel Pole Bath Tub Re-Juvenated Unlistenable Permanent
White Drugs Surrounded by Studs Harlem Kunstwaffe 2007
White Drugs Black Wizard Gloaming Gold Magic Kunstwaffe/Amphetamine Reptile *forthcoming
White Drugs Gold Power
Crown Roast Grubworm A Nose Has Many Jobs Unclean 1994
Hammerhead Mr. Bizmuth Duh, the Big City Amphetamine Reptile 1996
Hammerhead Duh, the Big City
Pygmy Shrews Please Brain Drugs The Egyptian Wantage USA 2009
Drunkdriver The Accident self-titled WTD *new
Iron Lung Cancer Sexless//No Sex Prank 2008
Corrupted Hombre o Rata v/a: Una de Gato, Cuerno de Vaca Tee Pee 1997
Society of Friends Rock City Rejects [The Chumps] Growing Up Moving Away 625 1999
The New Flesh title unknown split LP w/ MLU Cephia's Treat/Human Conduct/et al. *new
Nu Sensae Burn Zero TV. Death and the Devil Nominal *new
Shearing Pinx/Twin Crystals Shearing Pinx - Violence split Reluctant *new
N.213 Bed of Nails v/a: Blood Klub 2 7-inch Isolated Now Waves *new
The Ex + Tom Cora Oh Puckerlips Now And the Weathermen Shrug Their Shoulders Fistpuppet 1993
Stretchheads Trippy Deadzone Pish in Your Sleazebag Blast First 1991
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band Ashtray Heart Doc at the Radar Station Virgin 1980
Radiopuhelimet Jaameri Jaameri Spirit 1992
S.P.U.D. Jesus Extreme Sour Flying Nun 1990
Silverfish One Silver Dollar Cockeye Touch & Go 1989
Nightblooms Starcatcher self-titled Seed 1993
Wet Illustrated Flying Born Stoked Corvette City *new
Defektors Kick First One The Bottom of the City Nominal *new
Sex Church Ghost 6 Songs Convulsive *new
Strange Attractor Push Party split 10-inch w/ Red Mass P. Trash *new
Eat Skull An Isolated Guy Crawl for Freedom CS Palto Flats *new
Famines Got Lies If You Want Them Syllables Mammoth Cave Recording Co. *new
Bad Sports Why Say Don't Self-Titled Douche Master 2009
Bad Sports Should've Known Self-Titled Douche Master 2009