G. Garçon: An Introduction

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing hip hop artist, G. Garçon about his origins, creative process, and his new album “25” dropping September 30th 2019. 

The stage name hails from France; the rapper from Inglewood. The G stands for Geezus, a previous alias, that was later expanded on as an artistic choice during a conversation with his brother. The stage name exists to establish the different aspects of his life as he is also an actor. 

While the 25 year old artist has released music since 2014, he has been making music since he was he was 14 and is largely drawn to the wordplay and the power of music in which there can be a song “that can get people through the day” (G. Garçon). With that, the music released also stems from something true, whether it be his own experiences from being raised house to house and travelling the world or from documentaries. The project that I listened to before our chat was titled “Plug Talk 2 (Thank the Plug)” which lead to the conversation about the different layers that his music contains, one of which being the lyrics themselves. While the lyrics are formed in a “plug talk” manner, meaning the colloquialisms that one would use around ones various dealers, and are almost set to layman’s terms, the words are still chosen deliberately so that they invoke deeper meaning. 

We then began talking about his new album “25” which has taken almost a year to create and is the first of a trilogy that will mark impactful years as well as exemplify how every year of our lives is different. “25” was a different project that had already had some promo material release for it, however after a shift in idea, the previous album was scrapped, sans a couple of instrumental ideas, and this album came into fruition. All in all, the album has been in production for about a year with regards to developing sound and working on the album itself and its off to a great start with “Go” (Link Below).. 

Garçon’s first album “25” is due to release this September 30th and a college tour will also take place during the same season. “GO”, the first song of the album is out now on Spotify and other streaming services. 

Note: Due to lack of forethought I had completely forgotten to record the interview to transcribe.  However, I have no doubt that this will be the only time we hear from G. Garçon as we hope to have him in our station soon. 

Link to Track: https://open.spotify.com/track/26odFgNVahR0sUcl4CTaKp?si=3XCm5-btRnC3-rFEvtuQbw