First Monday News Broadcast of the year!


On Monday, October 13th the first Fall Quarter KDVS News Broadcast was aired (4:30pm PST).

It included:

A piece on the Ebola outbreak: with the rising epidemic of the Ebola disease, KDVS talked to two experts on infectious diseases. how probable it is that Ebola may spread to USA and how can we prevent that.

A feature on a classic, but perhaps overlooked eatery on campus, focusing on what the start of a new school year means for this area of campus. Highlighting the personalities found working at the silo and some regulars on campus.

A piece concentrating on the recent minium wage increase by the ASUCD providing perspectives on the effects.

A local weather report done by the UC Davis Weather department, “street tallk,” and “News Last Week.

Check it out!

Monday KDVS News Broadcast 10/13/14