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Jennifer Gross Interview (3/4/14)

Coach Gross discusses the excellent play of Alyson Doherty and Celia Marfone in the comeback win against Cal Poly, Molly Greubel’s stellar game against, UC Santa Barbara, Sydnee Fipps surpassing her on the all-time scoring list, Idit Oryon’s career as an Aggie, and more.

Idit Oryon – Practice (3/3/14)

Senior Forward Idit Oryon discusses the team’s recent hot streak, winning the Big West tournament her freshman year, and her final home games as an Aggie.

Jennifer Gross Interview (2/4/14)

Aggie Coach Jen Gross discusses the team’s weekend, splitting games against Cal Poly and Santa Barbara, and its recent hot streak on offense.

Alyson Doherty – Practice (2/4/14)

Sophomore Center Alyson Doherty discusses her stellar season, recent excellent play against Cal Poly and Santa Barbara, and the Aggie’s position in the Big West going forward after their 4-3 start.

Brianne Yasukochi – Practice (2/3/14)

Aggie Freshman Brianne Yasukochi discusses her first year at college, the cold weather of Davis, and dealing with Division I competition.

Brianna Salvatore – Practice (2/18/14)

Aggie Red-shirt Junior Brianna Salvatore looks back at winning the Big West tournament her freshman year, dealing with injuries, and the team’s chances of making it to the NCAA tournament this year.

Taylor McGuire – Practice (2/10/14)

Aggie Freshman Forward Taylor McGuire discusses the transition from high school to college, playing time and finishing the regular season strong.