Staff Paper Project


Special one-hour edition of Staff Paper Project? 

In which we play music exploring different ways to use rhythmic regularity.



Modern Comp, Classical, Jazz, Experimental

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Sunday 3/09/2014 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Toychestra and Fred Frith The Dub What Leave Behind S. K.
Deux Accords Diront herzblatt Eisherz
Astronaut Cooper's Parade wail in traffic Orbit One: Accidental Symphony Self-Released
Mackey, Steven Clik, Clak, Clank Heavy Light New World
Ambient Rhythms Play with Fire Nu-Urban Elektronika Streetbeat
Ambient Rhythms Ohmega Hertz Nu-Urban Elektronika Streetbeat
Duo Jalal Homage for Frame Drum and Viola - Movement I A Different World Innova
Tower, Joan Hexachords Chamber & Solo Works CRI
yMusic Daughter of the Waves Beautiful Mechanical New Amsterdam
Yek Koo I'm a Pure Wave Desolation Peak Emerald Cocoon