Destroy All Monsters

DJ Foxworthy

A little slice of the ska lifestyle. Skanking with the best of them for a good old little while.



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Wednesday 2/19/2014 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Thumper Another Day Another Day Deer Hunter 1993
Crucial DBC I'm Giving Up What's Next Thin Ice 1985
Mobtown Underfire Cactus Juice Moon Ska 1998
The Pacers Ye Olde Haus of Mutton Strictly for Lovers Jump Up 1994
The Exceptions Garlic Breath No Shoes, No Shirt, No Exceptions Icon 1994
The Butlers Undress to Kill Time Tunnel Heatwave 1994
Busters Wish You Were Here 94er Hits Weserlable 1994
Bad Manners Hey Little Girl Return of the Ugly Dojo 1995
Regatta 69 Someone to Cling To Fat Free APB 1995
The International Beat Silver Bullet The Hitting Line Triple X 1991
Engine 54 Here I Am 54/95 Heatwave 1995
Ngobo Ngobo Agadir Rude Fruit Heatwave 1993
Liberator Imaginary Mary This Is Liberator Burning Heart
New York Ska Jazz Ensemble Arachnid Get This! Moon Ska 1998
Blue Meanies The Noise of Democracy Full Throttle Thick 1997
Magadog Semi-Sweet Dui-n-I Moon Ska 1996
Los Hooligans Traditions Traditions Moon Ska 1997
Los Rudiments Wailing Paddle The First Three Years Dill 1997
The Parka Kings Shocks Bienvenidos Jump Up 1997
Five Iron Frenzy Handbook for the Sellout Our Newest Album Ever Sarabellum Records 1997