Technicolor Glass


chill stuff


//highlights: tandoori knights, habibi, holograms, T.I.T.S., cosmonauts 


Alternative, International, Garage, Punk, Electronic

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Wednesday 2/19/2014 @ 6:00PM - 7:00PM
Cosmonauts I'm so bored with you Persona Non Grata Burger
Holy Wave Night Tripper Relax The Reverberation Appreciation Society
T.I.T.S. Lezar
The Insults Pop. Zero Population Zero Last Laugh
Fire Retarded B1. Lost the Touch. 2. Damaged Man High Horse Glory Hole
Habibi Let Me In Habibi Burger
Clawhammer I Think I Heard A Sound I Think I Heard A Sound Wee Rock
Tandoori Knights Bucketful
Fire Exit B. Talkin About Myself Timewall Last Laugh
Exorcisms B1. Two w/ Half Love Gone Bad b/w Two With Half Self Released
Devo Smart Patrol/ Mr. DNA
Holograms Meditations Forever Captured Tracks
Dancer B1. Jodi My Car Drives Fast Guitars and Bongos
Bad Daddies/Lognhalsmottagningen Track 2 + 3 Split Emotional Response
Cannon A1 + A2: It's cool no worries + Shark Fin Soup du Jour It's Cool, No Worries Bon Voyage
The Beets Time Brought Age Time Brought Age Captured Tracks