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Dr. Kelp

 photo mfah-leirnercollection_zps9900a9ee.jpg Flower Vato subs for Dr.Kelp this afternoon.


Fantastical, phantasmagorical

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Tuesday 12/24/2013 @ 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Yusef Lateef Love and Humor The Sounds Of Yusef 1957
Alice Coltrane Affinity Transfiguration 1978
Benitez and Nebual Vida Nocturna (Night Life) Night Life 1976
July The Way July
Mother's Day Intramuscular v/a Mainumbaba 2011, Argentina
Polyphonic Size Nagasaki Mon Amour single 1980
Doleful Lions Let's Break Bobby Beausoleil Out of Prison! Let's Break Bobby Beausoleil Out of Prison! 2012, Bandcamp
Rema Rema Feedback Song Wheel In The Roses 1980
Tall Dwarfs Paul's Place Louis Likes His Daily Dip 1982
Silver Apples Lovefingers Silver Apples 1968
Jennifer Gentle Rubber and South I Am You Are 2001
Soliman Gamil Cairo At Dawn Ankh 1990
Faust Läuft...Heisst Das Es Läuft Oder Es Kommt Bald...Läuft ("Psalter" Section) Faust IV 1973
Johndoeagain Marsyas
The Heroes Funky Message Next Stop Soweto, vol.2
Shockabilly Eight Miles High Coliseum 1984