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Monday 12/23/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
HG Lewis Official Warning Eyepopping Sounds of HG Lewis Birdman
Acid King Evil Satan The Early Years Small Stone Records
Grey At Night Sisters of the Wyrd Kreation Records
Leviathan Tentacles of Whorror Tentacles of Whorror Profound Lore
Ash Borer Descended Lamentations Cold of Ages Profound Lore
Ludicra Why Conquer? Another Great Love Song Alternative Tentacles
Bardo Pond Chance Peace On Venus Fire
Carlton Melton Keeping On Always Even Agitated Records
Land of Kush The Pit (part 1) The Big Mango Constellation
Neung Phak Sad Chatri 2 Abduction
Alvarius B Mr. 786 Blood Operatives Of The Barium Sunset Abduction
Black Christmas Trailer 1974
Master Musicians Of Bukkake Bardo Chonyide/Master of all Visible Shapes Totem Two Important