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Wednesday 12/04/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
William Tyler Country Of Illusion Impossible Truth Merge New/Alex S., you have good taste
Circuit Des Yeux Bud Overdue Ba Da Bing New
Merle Haggard Shade Tree (Fix-It-Man) Best Of Capitol 1979
Dot Wiggin Band Banana Bike Ready! Get! Go! Alternative Tentacles New
La Luz Sure As Spring It's Alive Hardly Art New
The Monkey Power Trio Downtown Chick Misreattached Pochahontas Swamp Machine
The Monkey Power Trio Dilapidated Lapidiary Misreattached Pochahontas Swamp Machine New/ 16th day of band's existence
Ultra Bide' DNA vs DNA - c DNA vs DNA - c Alternative Tentacles New
Meatpuppets Split Myself In Two Meatpuppets II SST 1984// Rock on DJ Brad A.
FM Knives Cassavettes vs. the Moneygoround Estrogen 7" Smart Guy 2002
v/a Kraesj Normal - On My Knees Stuffs Vol. 2 Compost Modern Art New/Awesome comp!
v/a Bazooka - Mountain S.A. Stuffs Vol. 2 Compost Modern Art
v/a Plasto Beton - Femme du RPR Stuffs Vol. 2 Compost Modern Art
v/a Nasa Space Universe- ACBC Stuffs Vol. 2 Compost Modern Art
Death Can You Give Me A Thrill??? Spiritual-Mental-Physical Drag City 2012
Straight Crimes Kissed A Cop Kissed A Cop Smart Brains New 7"
Audacity Pick Slide Butter Knife Suicide Squeeze New
Sneaky Pinks Puke Pudding I'm Punk b/w Puke Pudding Almost Ready New 7"
Nightmare Boyzzz Don't Wanna Feel Alright Bad Patterns Slovenly New 12"
Pere Ubu The Modern Dance The Modern Dance Blank Records 1978
Pere Ubu Heart Of Darkness 390 Degreed Of Simulated Stero. Pere Ubu in Cleveland, London & Brussels Rough Trade 1981/West London, rec 1978
Pere Ubu Laughing London, Rec 1978
The Monkey Power Trio Panty Groove Misreattached Pochahontas Swamp Machine
Yek Koo I'm A Pure Wave Desolation Peak Emerald Cocoon New
The Necks Open Open Northern Spy New
Luke Polipnick Group Kings of Golden Valley Episodes Eunonia New
Calvin Keys Backyard Electric Keys Wide Hive New