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Monday 12/02/2013 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Gaze Portrait b/ S/T 7" K 1997
Go Sailor Ray of Sunshine S/T 7 Lookout 1996
Frenchmen, The Hey Amelia! Powdered Blue Shelflife 2003
Grenadine Fillings S/T" Teenbeat 1993
Heavenly Escort Crash on Marston Street S/T 1992 1992
The Renders I Hear the Devil Calling Me V/A I Hear The Devil Calling Drag City 1991
Ida It's Not Alright S/T Simple Machines 1995
Ivy Get Enough 7' Seed 1994
Jale Steppin Out 7' Cinnamon Toast 1993
Hummingbirds Alimony Alimony Phanton 1989
Hummingbirds Alimony Alimony Phanton 1989
Hummingbirds Alimony Alimony Phanton 1989
The Renders Queen Meanie Puss- The Meanie Theme V/A I Hear The Devil Calling Drag City 1991
Penelope Huston Glad I'm a Girl Glad I'm a Girl Iloki 1992
Linda Heck Dig My Own Hole b/ Hot Money Self Released 1994
Kahn, Brenda I Don't Sleep I Drink Coffee Instead S/T Crackpot 1991
Clawhammer I Think I Heard a Sound I Think I Heard A Sound Wee Rock *new
Flying Tigers No Reply S/T 7" K 1997
Jordan O'Jordan Time and Temperature - Havana Little Finger Electricity/Lust 2010
G.T.'s Be Careful b/ Boys Have Feelings Too Stiff 1982
Jane Kennaway & Strange Behaviour Take Me Away b/ b/ IOU Deram 1981
Hi-Beams Hyperactive S/T 7" Self Released 1981
Da White Castles Dark Rooms Autumn 1982, RIP Lorna Donley
Jeanette In the Morning S/T 7" Surivival 1983
Robert Gorl Darling Don't Leave Me Darling Don't Leave Me Mute 1984
Chris and Cosey Talk to Me Songs of Love & Lust Rough Trade 1984
Nina Hagen Naturtrane T.V. Glotzer CBS 1979
GIrls at Our Best! Politics Politics! Record Records 1980
Glory Seekers Never Take Me Alive S/T Whizeagle 1985, Portland
Gangwish Sea of Love Space Case vol. I Dear Skull 2010
Hearts of Animals Stars Say No Stars Say No Dull Knife 2008
Hissey Miyake/Terrible Truths Modern Life Split 7" Bedroom Suck 2012
Free Kitten Oh Bondage, Up Yours! Sympathy For The Record Industry 1993