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Sunday 12/01/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Ernstalbrecht Stiebler Mitteltone Sequenz II - Mitteltone - Trio 89 M = Minimal
Thomas Fortmann Blues Cattolico In Dust We Trust Metier Fugue-like and blues-like.
Lopez, George untitled track Das Auge Des Schweigens/Blue Cliffs/Klangforum Wien WDR
Hersh, Howard Finale The Pony Concerto Albany
Goldstein, Malcolm Eight Whiskus Sounding The New Violin What Next? This is a John Cage piece!
Nico Muhly Part IV Material in a Long Cadence Drones & Viola Bedroom Community
Andrew McPherson d'Amore Secrets Of Antikythera Innova Sympathetic resonance everywhere,
Gabriel Prokofiev + Peter Gregson Jerk Driver Cello Multitracks Nonclassical Recordings Fresher sounds in a fairly traditional form. All parts performed by Peter Gregson.
Gabriel Prokofiev + Peter Gregson DJ Spooky 'Jerk Driver' Remix Cello Multitracks Nonclassical Recordings
Corrado Canonici Refacings A Roaring Flame NMC This piece does a great job showing off the double bass's ability to play high harmonics as well as its typical rich, lower sounds.
Corrado Canonici Memo 1 amplified double bass A Roaring Flame NMC Using different degrees of amplification to juxtapose the bass's natural sound with the timbres one gets from amplifying.
Charnett Moffett The Art of Improvisation The Art of Improvisation Motema Acoustic bass! Slightly different instrument, slightly different context.
Shelton,Chip Blue Chip Flute Bass-ics Summit Chip Shelton on flute, Ron Carter on bass.
Magic City astro black June City Grain Bin Music A cello acts as the bass instrument here. The higher guitar effects sound almost flute-like.
Richard Cameron-Wolfe Kyrie (Mantra) Burning Questions Furious Artisans Three flutes and vocal effects blended into the sound.
Telemann 5. Rejouissance Bach Suite in B Minor Telemann Suite in A Minor Angel Records Digital For (very, very, very) old times' sake.
Lol Coxhill and Roger Turner a collar counts Success With Your Dog Emanem
The Claire Daly Quartet Light Blue Baritone Monk North Coast Brewing Co. Bari sax. Bass. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee