Unspeakable Cults


 Small victories are but a cruel jest played upon those whose durance offers no true escape.  Time and time again, The Malefactor renews the punishments visited upon those few who speak against his despotism, for enlightened though it may be, that enlightenment bestows the wisdom of nihil and the embrace of the void.  No mortal knowledge is this, for it conjures torments which defy the human imagination.

Torments from 1987 and 2001 issue forth this night... 

Behold the Malefactor's unholy presence here. 

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Metal, Hardcore, Ambient, Spoken Word

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Tuesday 12/10/2013 @ 11:00PM - 12:00AM
7H.Target The Helicopter Attack Fast-Slow Demolition Coyote New album coming soon on Sevared Records, mixed and mastered by Neil Kernon (Nile, etc).
Sxuperion Hymns To The Mountain God Whoreshipping the Depths... Bloody Mountain Brand new EP of sickening raw black/death from Valdur's Lord Sxuperion.
In Solitude The World, The Flesh, The Devil The World The Flesh The Devil Metal Blade RIP.
Vestarian Violent Hateful Black Metal Violent Hateful Black Metal Self Released Playing in Oakland at Eli's on Sunday the 15th and in Sacramento at On The Y on Monday the 16th.
Nevermore Poison Godmachine Dreaming Neon Black Century Media Thanks for the request!
Raventhrone The Eden Maze Raventhrone Demo Self Released Debut demo from this Sacramento act.
Gorguts From Wisdom To Hate From Wisdom To Hate Olympic Commencing our 2001 delving, an album that built upon the genre-bending foundations of the band's revolutionary 1998 Obscura album.
Diabolic Failed Extraction Subterraneal Magnitude Conquest A sentimental 2001 favorite, but nonetheless the pinnacle of Diabolic's classic lineup and a mighty follow-up to the promise of their debut, Supreme Evil.
Iced Earth Wolf Horror Show Century The band's finest post-Stormrider album and another personal favorite.
Falconer Lord of the Blacksmiths Falconer Metal Blade Ultimate folkish power metal cheese from the band's masterful 2001 debut. That's right, you can't f**k with this. OH YEAH.
Absu Manannan Tara Olympic Undoubtedly, Absu's magnum opus; a Proscripterian tour-de-force that dominates the field of Mythological metal from 2001.
Brodequin Bronze Bowl Festival of Death Unmatched Brutality One of the greatest brutal death metal albums of all time and a treasure of morbid riffage, buried under a layer of grime. One of the finest releases of 2001, concluding our tour.
Death Angel Evil Priest The Ultra-Violence Enigma Kicking off 1987 with one of the all-time great debuts, and an early peak for one of the Bay Area's more distinguished thrash metal pioneers.
Infernal Majesty Overlord None Shall Defy Roadrunner Cult Canadian thrash drawing upon equal parts Slayer and the more melodic school of Metallica/Megadeth.
Bathory Enter The Eternal Fire Under The Sign of the Black Mark Black Mark Epic of black metal from the culmination of Quorthon's early career, and one of the most ultimately influential albums of 1987.
Holy Moses Current of Death Finished With The Dogs Aaarrg Records Sophomore release of punishing speed/thrash from Germany, one of the great cult releases of 1987.
Armored Saint Isolation Raising Fear Chrysalis Armored Saint's third mighty release and perhaps the finest performance from John Bush.
Sanctuary Veil of Disguise Refuge Denied Epic One of the great 80s US Power Metal albums and another entrant into the contest for the greatest "Album Title Expanding Upon The Band Name" contest, rounding out our 1987 releases.
Fleshtized Here Among Thorns Here Among Thorns Mighty Music 2001 powerhouse and the sole full-length from this band, members of which have gone on to Chaos Inception. Official do-over pick for my barely-finished 2001 set!
Excommunion Rendering The Demon Gate Superion World War III 2002 debut of crushing blackened death metal, fusing the genres like few bands ever have. Excommunion have thankfully reformed and have promised new material is on the horizon.
Dead Congregation Subjugation Graves of the Archangels Nuclear War Now Productions 2008. Dead Congregation have announced an as-yet untitled new release for 2014.
Sarpanitum Sanctus Incendia Fidelium Self Released 2011 EP; 2014 full-length imminent.
Grand Belial's Key Pimps of Gennesaret Judeobeast Assassination Drakkar/Moribund Thanks for the request!
Relics of Humanity Depriving of Sacred Blindness Guided By The Soulless Call Amputated Vein Records One of the finest albums of 2012, a dismal offering of brutal death metal from Belarus.
Rebaelliun Killing For The Domain Burn The Promised Land Connected 1999 release of Brazilian death metal similar to and arguably much better than Krisiun.
Bolzer The Great Unifier Aura Iron Bonehead 2013 MLP from Switzerland's much-hyped and indisputably excellent Bolzer.
The Gates of Slumber Suffer No Guilt Suffer No Guilt Deepsend 2006.