Kicksville 29 B.C

Tim Matranga

The Mystic Tide's reissue pictured appeared in the 1990s on Distortions Records (Great label BTW). At times the band had a moody punk or 'surfadelic' sound, with some of the most amazing sounds on here were originally recorded in November 1966, and the band hailed from Woodbury, Long Island NY. 5 singles were released -- the latter three have a great garage/psych/punk sound, and the earlier ones are fantastic moody garage. For more information, look for the excellent research book on 1960s sounds called TeenBeat Mayhem by Mike Markesich.


Garage, Soul, 60's Psych

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Sunday 11/17/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Crawdaddys That Is Rock N Roll Here Tis Voxx
Janis Martin Let's Elope Baby Janis and Elvis 10" RCA S. Africa
Carol Ford Run Baby Federal
Sarah Vaughan Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean) Roulette
Barbara Perry A Man Is A Mean, Mean Thing Fame Studios Story Ace
Lloyd Nolen Fun Fun King
Bobby Marchan Funny Style Fame Studios Story Ace
Willie Dixon & the Big Wheels Our Kind of Love Federal
The Entertainers Too Much Chess with Joe South on guitar
Etta James Roll With Me Henry Pure Blues Sue UK 1954
Inell Young His Love For Me Confessing Grapevine New Orleans Deep Soul
Willie Hightower Because I Love You Capitol
Alex Spearman (Baby) Don't Tkae Your Love From Me Volume Jamie/Guyden dist
Ken Jones Chicken Pot Pie Almont NY based label
Jaguars The Gorilla Dot San Jose grp, covering the Ideals, an R&B grp
Illusions Wait Till the Summer Nobody to Love Teenage Shutdown
Baytovens Waiting For You You Got Yours! Big Beat East Bay Garage 1960s
Avanties Give Me Love Candy Floss 67-69 Weekend Lost Music of Mid-America (Minnesota)
The Staff Colors What a Way to Come Down Big Beat the Third NFTGS didicated to SF's Golden State Recorders
Mystic Tide Stay Away Esquire originally Long Island group 65-67.
Mystic Tide Running Through the Night Mystic Tide Solid Sound orgnly comped on Pebbles
Mystic Tide Psychedelic Journey pt 1 Mystic Tide Solid Sound comped on Psychedelic States NY v2
Mystic Tide Mystic Eyes Esquire originally wr & prod by Joe Docko, not the Van Morrison tune (Them)
Mystic Tide Frustration
Mystic Tide Mystery Ship Solid Sound ognly last single
Royal Aircoach Wondering Why Relative Distance Stanton Park
Bob & Kit Autumn Too Long Hanna Barbera
Flat Earth Society Shadows Waleeco R Arf Arf / Lightning Tree
The Common People Girl Said - Know Of, By, For, From Capitol
Brotherhood of Soul The Morning After Psychedelic States NY2 Goldbug
TC Atlatnic Love Is Just Parrot orgnly
Subterranean Edible Fungus Weird Street Carnival Date
Bill Callahan Ride My Arrow Dream River Drag City
Jim Sullivan Jerome Jim Sullivan (UFO) Century City
Stories Kathleen Stories Kama Sutra with Michael Brown (Left Banke)
Emitt Rhodes Til the Day After The American Dream A&M with the Merry Go Round
Dillard & Clark Out of the Side The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark A&M
Billy Nichols Portobello Road Would You Believe R Castle Immediate UK
Big Boy Pete (Miller) Sweet Talk Town Summerland Tenth Planet May 1966, several albs re on 10th pl
Blue Cheer Hiway Man Oh Pleasant Hope Philips