Set In Stone

Shale & Slate

Polluter subbing for the "Set in Stone" guys this AM. Metal and Hard Rockin' to help those studying for finals. You can thank me later.

Metal bands, submit your music for airplay to:


14 Lower Freeborn Hall

Davis, CA 95616



Rock, Punk, Garage, Psych

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MP3 Stream 320kbps, broadband

Thursday 12/12/2013 @ 3:00AM - 6:00AM
Satan Time To Die Life Sentence LISTENABLE RECORDS 2013. Wake Up! Time to study!
AC/DC Night Prowler Highway To Hell ATCO 1979. Bon's Swan Song
Meshiha Commence The Suffering Commence the Suffering Permeated Records 2013.
Legacy of Disorder Punish All Last Man Standing Black Orchard 2012
Exhorder Desecrator Slaughter In The Vatican ROADRACER 1990. For the
Valdur wound fires in the afterlife Raven God Amongst Us Bloody Mountain A great CD! California Mountain Metal!
Malice Sinister Double License To Kill Wounded Bird Records 1987. The reat Sinister on deck.
Sinister Crown Of Thorns The Carnage Ending Massacre 2012. So it is written, so it shall be done.
Sinister Aggressive Measures Aggressive Measures Nuclear Blast 1998. Double shot delivered!
Vader I Shall Prevail The Beast Metal Blade 2004. Polish Metal Rules!
Killgasm High On Church Fumes High On Church Fumes Promo Self Released 2013
Corrosion Of Conformity The Doom Corrosion Of Conformity ICARUS 2012
Deep Purple Child In Time In Rock Warner Bros. 1970. Monster tune from Mark II line-up.
Dissection Where Dead Angels Lie Storm Of The Light's Bane NUCLEAR BLAST 1995. Greatest Black Metal album of ALL-TIME!
Nifelheim Infernal Flame Of Destruction Envoy Of Lucifer Regain 2008. This just brings it!
Cannibal Corpse Scourge Of Iron Torture Metal Blade 2012. This surpasses
King of Asgard Einharjar Fi'mbulvintr Metal Blade 2010. Some Viking Metal for your enjoyment.
Vehemence To The Taste Helping The World To See Metal Blade 2004. Herb homage.
Bolt Thrower War Master War Master EARACHE 1991. Excellent British Band. Female Bassist rocks it !
Grand Belial's Key Savoring the Virgin's Pessary Mocking The Philanthropist Moribund 2004. A little X-mas tunage.
Taake Fra Vadested til Vaandesmed Noregs Vaapen Dark Essence True Norwegian Black Metal!
Urn (Bringer Of) Pain, Agony And Death Soul Destroyers Dynamic 2008
Immolation A Spectacle Of Lies Kingdom of Conspiracy Nuclear Blast 2013. Answer to the Jeopardy question
Conducting From The Grave Honor Guide Me! Conducting From The Grave Conducting From The Grave New Sacramento Metal!
Inquisition Infinite Interstellar Genocide Obscure Verses For The Multiverse Season Of Mist 2013. Brilliant follow up to
Carcass Thrasher's Abattoir Surgical Steel NUCLEAR BLAST 2013
King of Asgard Intro ...To North Metal Blade 2012. The appetizer.
King of Asgard The Nine Worlds Burn ...To North Metal Blade The Meat! Where are my weapons?!
Deus Mortem The Harvest Emanations of the Black Light Strych Promotions 2013. Another Monster release for the year.
SODOM Waterboarding Epitome Of Torture SPV 2013.
Jungle Rot I Am Hatred Terror Regime Victory Records 2013. A Polluter favorite of the year.
Maveth Beneath The Sovereignty of AL-GHUL Coils of the Black Earth Dark Descent Records 2012
7H.Target Transmutation Energy Machine Fast-Slow Demolition Coyote 2012
Amon Amarth Blood Eagle Deceiver of the Gods Metal Blade 2013