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Sunday 11/17/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
V/A: Eylar, Rouse, Starer, Sondheim, Carbon, McKinley, Froom Romanza The American Trumpet Naxos
Jean Rene Fammi Fammi And Records
Jean Rene Coupant Fammi And Records
Cello Bear Dance Cello Pro Arte Digital Four cellos play Bear Dance by Bartok.
Bruce Levingston Gymnopedie No. 2 Still Sound Sono Luminus Satie piece.
Veryan Weston, Ingrid Laubrock, Hannah Marshall Courtesy of No One Haste Emanem Free improvisation.
Dustin O' Halloran Vorleben Fatcat
Dustin O' Halloran Opus 54 Vorleben Fatcat Performed in Grunewald Church.
Caleb Burhans Evensong Cantaloupe Music
Caleb Burhans Amidst Neptune Evensong Cantaloupe Music
V/A: Eylar, Rouse, Starer, Sondheim, Carbon, McKinley, Froom Serenade The American Trumpet Naxos 1994; by David Froom
Penderecki, Krzysztof/Van de Vate, Nancy Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima Music From Six Continents Vienna Modern Masters The first time I heard this piece, I wasn't sure if I was hearing strings or screaming (awesome).
Claire Chase Poison Mushroom Aliento New Focus Recordings 2003; by Dai Fujikura. Flute and electronics.
Astma // A Spirale Simbologia Della Rivolta The Cost of Service Zeromoon
Ernstalbrecht Stiebler Mitteltone Sequenz II - Mitteltone - Trio 89 M = Minimal
Barrel Soft Porn & Hard Cheese Gratuitous Abuse Emanem "The tuttis at the start... were improvised. They just don't write chords like that."
Spontaneous Music Ensemble Little Red Head Challenge (1966-67) Emanem
Sweet Talk Montreal Glitterbomb Prom Night
Trumpet Trumpet Synthesizer ((chirping)) Trumpet Trumpet Synthesizer Prom Night at 5'30'': strong trumpet entrance; at 6'30'': scratchy sounds; at 8'45'': some relatively idiomatic trumpet stuff; at about 10'40'': wild, improvised section
Greg Kallor Espresso Nirvana A Single Noon Single Noon A cute piano piece about coffee. Good morning!