Streaming Consciousness


Some experimental and classic tunes this time around.

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Sunday 11/10/2013 @ 3:00PM - 4:30PM
Walter Gieseking Jeux d'eau Debussey Ravel Grieg Seaphim ravel
Walter Gieseking Jeux d'eau Debussey Ravel Grieg Seaphim ravel
Air Once Upon a Time Pocket Symphony Virgin
Walter Gieseking Debussey- "Arabesque No.1 In E Major", "Arabesque No.2 in G Major" Debussey Ravel Grieg Seaphim debussey
Clogs Pencil Stick Stick Music Brassland
Telephone Jim Jesus Little Boy One Eye Apointtoofartoastronaut Anticon
Gilbert Kalish Haydn- "Variations in E Flat" Piano Music Volume IV Nonesuch
Takamasa, Aoki / Noriko, Tujiko Vinyl Words 28 Fatcat
Solex Randy Costanza Pick Up Matador
Robert Strauss Concerto in D Minor Richard Strauss- Ciolin Concert & Odyssey strauss
The Chemical Brothers Another World Further Virgin
Solter, Scott Wire Cloth Canonic: Scott Solter Plays Pattern Is Movement Hometapes
Erik Satie Gnossiennes No.s 4,5 & 6 Piano Music Of Erik Satie Volume 4: Aldo Siccolini Capitol
Nouvelles pieces froides
Hype Williams Untitled Find Out WWhat Happens When Poeople Stop Being Polite And Start Getting Reel De Stijl
Tosca Elitsa No Hassle !K7