Crazed Cacophony

Subtle Bunny & Amerz5



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Sunday 10/27/2013 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Melting Hop Turn on the Turn Off Viva La Void Big Pop
Gold Leaves The Ornmanet The Ornament Hardly Art
Good Field Our Roofless Home Good Field Self Released
Dragstrip Dont Fear the Reaper Reaction Time
Good For You French Lies Falling Out
The Late BP Helium Belief System Derailment Scenario Amok
Good Fellas Blackout Good Fellas Filter Records
Bunky Baba Born To Be A Motorcycle Asthmatic Kitty
Bunny Grunt Wild Summer, Wow! Jen-Fi No Life Records
Cheers Elephant Peoples Like Wind Blows Fire Self Released
Chapter House Don't Look Now Blood Music
Dogbreth Critical Thinking Chookie Skulltula
Good Friday Experiment Downtime Bottom of a Pail Breaking Through
Cat Power The Greatest The Greatest Matador
Anna Bullard Find Me in Hiding Split Heart Pox World Empire
Melon Galia Important Business Les Embarras Du Quotidien Grenadine
Red Planet No Force We Know How It Goes Gearhead
Sass Dragons 8 am New Kids on the Bong Johanns Face
Exploding Flowers and in death a moving halo abouve you shines its magnificent lightq Smash it Up
Exploding Hearts Throwaway Style Guitar Romantic
Red Red Red Another Plane New Action Big Neck
Registrators High School Japanese Garage Pop
Exploding Kind Potential Rejection Sugar Pill
Red Star Belgrade Stinking Apparition Where the Sun Doesn't Shine
Peanut Butter Conspiracy, the Love's Last Ground Spreading From The Ashes Big Beat
Oakley Hall 5 Sided Die s/t Bulb
Bills, The Nowhere to Be Let Em Run Borealis Records
The Birds Of Chicago Trampoline Birds Of Chicago Self Released
Stevie Ray Vaughn Telephone Song
Red Pony Clock Lying on the Floor Tunes From Terrace Towers Asaurus
The Shondes Searchlights Searchlights Exotic Fever
San Cisco Girls Do Cry Golden Revolver Self Released