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DJ Avon

Today we will include 12" records in addition to the 7" ones we have had during previous shows. Righteous, righteous sices of vinyl now 12" and 7". Indie rock and Electropop to push your wig back. Tune in and be blown away.


Btw, Dj Avon will not be here due to somethings he didn't know how to use correctly, Therefore, Artemis will be with you to operate the controls. 


Indie rock, electro pop, and left-field hiphop

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Wednesday 10/23/2013 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Carolee Water The Rocks Ep1 12 12XU 2011
Household Desperate Times Items Dull Knife 2011
Girls Names A Troubled See 7" Slumberland 2012
The Beets Pick Another Corner 7" Captured Tracks 2013
Spider Fever Don't Stray Spider Fever Windian 2012
Merchandise Time Children Of Desire Katorga 2012
Hollows Up & Down Vulture Trouble In Mind 2012
La Luz Call Me In The Day 7" Water Wing 2013
Kam Kama Joseph Stride 7" Sister Cylinder 2013
Shuteye Unison Our Future Selves Our Future Selves Parks And Records 2012
Three Mile Pilot Grey Clouds 7" Temporary Residence Limited 2009
**Mazzy Star** Lay Myself Down 7" Rhymes Of An Hour 2011
Paul Cary Iryna Ghost Of A Man Stank House 2010
Knock Knock Mike Vs. The Mysteries Of The Multiverse We Will Raise Your Children Sacramento 2011
Pop Singles The Greatest Feeling All Gone Vacant Valley 2012
Mode Moderne Sudden Changes Ghosts Emerging Lust Neuvo 2009
Lunar Maps Love And Desire *self titled* *self released* 2011
Father Finger Systematic Botany 7" Coeleone 2012
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete And Time Will Act upon Them Corruptible Faces Captcha 2013
Tiny Victories Mr. Bones 7" Bird Dog 2011
Maria Minerva Cabaret Cixous Ruff Trade Not Not Fun 2012
Nihiti Campfires Of Rostov And Don Other People's Memories Lo Bit Landscape 2010
Foreign Cinema Velvet Sky 7" Vibraphone 2011
CocoRosie We Are On Fire 7" Touch And Go 2012
Harouki Zombi Objet Petit A 7" Polyvinyl 2013
Psychic Twin Gonna Get Her 7" Lefse 2012
Lorde Tennis Court 7" Universal Republic 2013
Club 8 Closer Now (Les Espions Remix) 7" Labrador 2010
Icky Blossoms Chicas 7" Saddle-Creek 2012
Friend Friend Crush 7" Lucky Numbers 2011
She `Roll On Outta Reach Causeway 2009
Charlie Slick We Come to your Party Farout Indian Psychic Readings 2011
Harouki Zombi Vacated Hunters 7" Polyvinyl 2013