Settin' The Woods On Fire


Crown Records is notorious for "budget" Lps. Consolidation of hits, often covered by no-name artists recording under pseudonyms are some of the hallmarks of these releases. Mostly bland, often bad, yet not without ocassional charm.

Tonight Billy Carson makes an apperenace courtesy of Crown. Hope you dig it as much as I do. 


Country, Rockabilly, Folk

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Friday 9/13/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Eddy Benson Lonesome Tavern Blues 7" Tru-Star
Onie Wheeler Closing Time 7" Okeh
Ray Pillow Gone With The Wine 7" Capitol
Jack Webb You Made A Wreck Out Of Me 7" Decca
Bob King Anxious
Pudgie Parsons Where Do I Stand With You 7" Starday Custom Pressing
Wayne Raney Do You Think It's Time 7" Poorboy
Calvin Creek I Can't Understand 7" Tally
Laurel London My Conscience And I 7" Gulf Reef
Cotton Henry Devil On My Shoulder 7" Rural Rhythm
Jimmie Dawson Devil Eyes 7" Rustic
Curt Dunn I Cannot Forget You 7" Chalon
Luke Gordon What Can You Do? 7" Starday
Billy Carson Window That I Look From Guest Star Of The Grand Ole Opry Crown
Bill Long Across The Wire My Favorite Songs Arc
Bob Siman Two Kinds Of Tears 7" Rasco
Ray and Lindy Oh! Let Me Love Me 7' Rocket
Buddy Hughey I Got A Pretty Little Girlie 7" Woodrich
Larry Kirby Sweet Shop 7" Apollo
Carl Morelli Gotta Lotta Lovin' 7" Belmont
Coye Wilcox You've Gotta Quit Cheatin' 7" Azalea
Ted Self Walk Her Down The Aisle 7" Plaid
Rex Zario Talk To Your Heart 7" Arzee
Warren Brothers (Shorty and Smokey) I Wonder Where You Are Tonight 7" Cool
Lester Woytek Why Should I 7" Longhorn
Bill Browning Don't Wait Too Late 7" Island
Hank Williams Settin The Woods On Fire By Special Request
Clyde Barefoot Chesser Lost Highway 7" Central
Freddy Countryman Cocaine Blues 7" Western
Bob Willis and The Texas Playboys The Girl I Left Behind Me The Tiffany Transcriptions
Onie Wheeler with the Ozark Boys When We All Get There 7" Okeh
Blue Sky Boys The Last Mile Of The Way 7" Starday
Troy & Jay with The Blue Mountain Boys Water Lilly 7" Wildcat
Bob Hill and his Melody Boys Empty Dreams and Empty Arms 7" Nabor
Tiny Adams Out Of Mind Out Of Heart 7" WPWA
Garry Lee They Don't See 7" Time
Howard Vokes His Last Ride 7" Vokes
Black Jack Wayne Red Silk Stockings and The Green Perfume 7" Cheyenne
The Houle Brothers Four I Heard The Bluebird Sing 7" Bangar
Wilburn Brothers Making Plans A Portrait MCA
Bob Gallon The Biggest Break 7" Hickory
Jimmy Wages The Biggest Man 7" Tom Big Bee
Guy Drake Born To Be An Opry Star Welfare Cadilac Royal American