Bleary-Eyed Metal Slug


 No themes this morning but there is the challenge to find that song or songs to segue from the Versus to Bleary-eyed Metal Slug show. I may start out with Yngwie leading into some Viking Metal and jump off from there. I just don't know since I'm still waking up.

Metal Bands, submit your music for airplay to:

KDVS Metal Dept

14 Lower Freeborn Hall

Davis, CA 95616



Metal, Hard Rock, Blues and Classic Country

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Thursday 8/15/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Chaos Ascending The Rise Of Imminent Chaos Chaos Ascending EP Self Released
Hammer Horde Riders of Annihilation Vinlander Storm Surge 2012
Ingwie Malmsteen I Am A Viking Marching Out Polydor 1985
Svartsyn demoness with seven names Black Testament Agonia 2013
Vader Only Hell Knows Welcome To The Morbid Reich Nuclear Blast Playing the Oakland Metro Saturday September 7 along with Vital Remains.
Vital Remains Unleash Hell Dechristianize Olympic Recordings 2003
Meshiha One of the current faCommence The Suffering Commence the Suffering Permeated Records One of the current favorites at the station!!
Thunderbolt Occult Gateway Of Hell Apocalyptic Doom END Records 2007. A Necrosodom Project.
Deus Mortem It Starts to Breathe Inside Emanations of the Black Light Strych Promotions 2013
7H.Target METAL-FLESH Fast-Slow Demolition Coyote
Vomit God Free From Flesh Exuding Anal Pustule of Society Self Released 2013
Terminate Rotten Dead Mass Ascending To Red Heavens Selfmadegod Records 2013
Solitary Priapism Lack Of Restraint Terminal Exhibition self released 2013. Playing at The Colony this Saturday with Killgasm, Aborticide and more! 8/17/13
Sick Witnessing Extreme Torture Cannibalistic Torment Permeated Records 2013
Unbirth Embrace the Permeation of Plague Deracinated Celestial Oligarchy Amputated Vein Records 2013
Entrails Eradicated Disintegrating Complex Entities Viralocity Self Released 2010
Silvara The Number That Haunts Me The Path To Ruin Repressed 2012. Davis Band!!!!!
Queensrhyche Where Dreams Go To Die Queensrhyche Century Media 2013
Queensrhyche In This Light Queensrhyche Century Media 2013. Michael Wilton's Version.
The Sword Acheron/ Unearthing the Orb Warp Riders Kemado Records 2010
Exhorder The Unforgiven The Law ROADRUNNER RECORDS 1992
Sumeria Why I Lived and You Died All Paths Lead To Insanity Graveless Slumber Records 2006
Aeon The Voice Of The Accuser Aeons Black Metal Blade 2013
Amon Amarth Deceiver of the Gods Metal Blade 2013