The Living Dead at Davis

KayVee & Monsterella & Doctor Captinn

Punk's not dead, but we are.

Stayed tuned for a mishmash of mostly '80s international bands. The spooky will be back, eventually.


Turn of the century death folk.

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Saturday 8/10/2013 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Vonbrigdi Sjelfmord Vonbrigdi Gramm 1982, Iceland.
The Exploding Seagulls Johnny runs for Paregoric Johnny runs for Paregoric Fried Egg Records 1980, UK.
Nice Lawn Tears For The New World Nice Lawn/New Fun Quintet Rumpus 1983, US.
The Blades The reunion Hot For You Energy 1983, Ireland.
Gyllene Divor Jag ar kar i John Travolta Ni har ingen tunnelbana Commercial 1980, Sweden.
Mark Truthe And The Liars Prisoners Of Time Mark Truthe And The Liars Hopkins 1980, US.
Los Violadores Guerra total Los Violadores Umbral 1983, Argentina.
A.D. 1984 The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming Voyage 1979, UK.
Legal Weapon Hostility No Sorrow Arsenal 1981, US.
The Offenders Lost Causes Lost Causes/Rockin' The Town Suffering Sounds 1981, US.
Last Night Cut Your Throat Last Night Self Release 2012, France.
Inocentes Morte nuclear Miseria E Fome Self Release 1983, Brazil.
The Offenders Rockin' The Town Lost Causes/Rockin' The Town Suffering Sounds 1981, US.
Wild Youth Wot about me Wot about me/ Radio youth Self Release 1979, South Africa.
Stiff Little Fingers Suspect Device Suspect Device Rigid Digit 1978, Ireland.
The Henchmen Rock n' roll attack I got a right Cadaver 1982, New Zealand.
The Deaf Aids Bored Christine Heroes? Consparicy 1980, UK.
The Nuns Media Control The Nuns Bomp 1980, US.
Lethal Weapon Pow Pow No Sorrow Arsenal 1981, US.
Fraebbblarnir Critical Bullshit Bjor Falkinn Rokk 1981, Iceland.
Lowlife Leaders Leaders Airout 1979, Canada.
Hated Innocent People Hated Stress 1980, US.
Sack O Woes The Paranoids Are Coming The Paranoids Are Coming Looprekords 2009, Holland.
Voodoo Idols Dead Air We Dig Nixon Vee Dee 1982, US.
Spiny Normans Mind Games Don't Take the Car Sorry About That Chief!/Don't Take The Car (You'll Kill Yourself) Self Release 1981, US.
Venom P. Stinger 26mg Walking About/26mg Aberrant 1988, Australia.
Peggio Punx Scemo Disastro Sonoro Peggio 1982, Italy.
Filth Don't hide your hate Filth Plurex 1978, Holland.
The Blacks Don't Be Cute Shattered Gonna Puke 1999, US.
The Brainiacs Don't Tell Me Why The Brainiacs Mental Health 1979, US.
False Prophets Good Clean Fun False Prophets Worn Out Brothers 1982, US.
Kaka De Luxe Rosario Toca el pito Kaka De Luxe Chapa Discos 1978, Spain.
De Sjenerte Hva skal vi si Si Ja Til De Sjenerte Zado 1980, Norway.
The Cretins Samen im darm Samen im darm Re-Force 1980, Germany.
Deaf Aids Aren't People Strange Deaf Aids Consparicy 1979, UK.
Wild Youth Radio Youth Wot about me/ Radio youth Self Release 1979, South Africa.
The Spys I Spy If I/I Spy Robin Hood 1981, US.
Los Violadores Un producto de su sociedad Los Violadores Umbral 1983, Argentina.
Contingent Police control Contingent Contingent 1980, Belgium.
Violent Tumor Runnin' Machine Violent Tumor Tumor Head 1986, US.
Size Daily matrix Tonight/ Daily Matrix New Rockers 1980, Mexico.