Wight Nights

Cherry Phosphate

This week's show is dedicated to my niece, with songs to keep her dreaming. 


Photo by Ralph Eugene Meatyard


Electronic, Folk, Industrial, Noise, Experimental

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Wednesday 7/31/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Moondog Pastoral Moondog 2 BGO
Nobukazu Takemura Child and Animals in the Forest Child and Magic AKA Records
Wouter Van Veldhoven Tape Loops For Babies unreleased unreleased
Oval Class Doc Thrill Jockey
Opitope Trees Reflecting on the Surface of the Lake Hau Spekk
Aki Tsuyuko Fantasia Ongakushitsu Moikai
Raymond Scott The Music Box Soothing Sounds for Baby Vol. 1 Basta Records
Nobukazu Takemura Tiddler Scope Thrill Jockey
Steve Hauschildt Mixed Messages Sequitur Kranky
Growing Green Flag All The Way The Social Registry
Celer A Perpetual Lack of Fervor/Upwards, On Tenterhooks/Drop & Let/Memories/Hold Me Tight, But Remember I'm Not Really There/Time and Ebb I, Anatomy Streamline
Brian McBride Girl Nap The Effective Disconnect Kranky
Four Color 2 Strings Air Curtain 12K
Steve Reich Clapping Music Early Works Nonesuch
Moondog What's The Most Exciting Thing Moondog 2 BGO
Monopoly Child Star Searchers Waterfalls Introduction Bamboo For Two Olde English Spelling Bee
Jonas Palm Linguatronics Ze Wormnest Creel Pone
Kiln Royal Peppermint Forest Sunbox Ghostly International
Nicholas Szczepanik Another Screened World We Make Life Sad WeMe