Cactus Corners


On this date in 1969 the Apollo 11 lunar module landed on the Moon. About six hours later, its occupants walked on the surface of the Moon for the first time in human history.
Mission Log, Apollo 11
Image from mounted camera on Apollo 11 lunar module.


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Saturday 7/20/2013 @ 2:00PM - 4:00PM
Abaton Radio Theater Dance of the Seven Veils (from Salome) Lost & Found Abaton Book Company Music by Marianne Nowattny
Liam Singer Coma Nocturne Arc Iris Hidden Shoal Recordings
Liam Singer Eye Eclipse Eye Arc Iris Hidden Shoal Recordings
Phyllis Chen Nathan Davis: Mechanics of Escapement Little Things New Focus Recordings Toy piano and clock chimes
Old Komm Side A Ventspills (EP) Discrepant
Quttinirpaaq Golden Needles No Visitors Rural Isolation Project
V/A Ian Wilson: Devotional 3 (2010) On the Nature of Electricity & Acoustics Heresy Records
V/A Brian O hUiginn: Left Handed March, 3d Movement (2009) On the Nature of Electricity & Acoustics Heresy Records
V/A: Lutoslawski / Penderecki / Mayuzumi Lutoslawski: String Quartet (1964) Lutoslawski: String Quartet; Penderecki: Quartetto per Archi; Mayuzumi: Prelude for String Quartet Deutsche Grammophon LaSalle Quartet
Henry, Pierre Le Trône Apocalypse de Jean Mantra