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Miss Dot here with allher fav's
Not as good as TJ, but I'll give it my best shot!
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Surf, Indie, Garage, Pyschadelic, Blues, Sometimes Eclectic

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Monday 7/01/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Calvin Johnson Can We Kiss? What Was Me K 2002
Beck I Get Lonesome One Foot in the Grave K 1994
Old Canes Early Morning Hymns Early Morning Hymns Second Nature 2004
The Ocean Floor What the Dream? Pop Quiz Electricity/Lust 2009
Polka Dot Dot Dot Invisibrother Syzygy Bicycle Records 2009, LP released on E/L
Jordan O'Jordan Little Finger Little Finger Electricity/Lust 2010
Neil Morgan Fathers Day In the Yard Drag City 2012
Broken Water Seaside Seaside and Sedmikrasky Self Release feat. Lori Goldston
Stephen Steinbrink Paper Flowers I Drew a Picture Holy Page 2013
Panda Bear Bros Person Pitch Paw Tracks 2007
Parquet Courts Square States American Specialties Play Pinball
Capgun Coup Oh, My Mod Brought to You By Nebraskafish Team Love 2007
Alps Get So High Alps of New South Wails Midheaven
Biosexual Shine my Noon Silent Cuts
Humanbeast Crawlspace Venus Ejaculates Into the Banquet Load
Alak Fortune Boy//Groups Groups KDVS!!!
Grass Widow Goldilocks Zone Internal Logic HLR 2012
Pregnant Hey Valley Ike Wimin KDVS!!! 2009
Rat Columns Spectre in the Hall Secptre Hole Smartguy 2012
Jon Barba You'll Be in my Heart If We Say it in Unison... Bridgetown 2011
Polka Dot Dot Dot On the Up and Up Syzygy Bicycle Records