Neonate (Fighting for a Future)

Punk Roge & M. Riot

 4th of July Special!

More punk rock than you can shake a stick at!

The website is currently down, but it should be up sometime soon. 

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RIP Luigi’s in Davis.


Punk, Street Punk, Hardcore, International Punk, Skate Rock, Riot Girl

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Sunday 6/30/2013 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Evolution Control Committee Star Spangled Bologna Plagiarythm Nation Seeland
Anti-Flag I'm Being Watched By The C.I.A. Die For The Government New Red Archives
Adolescents Democracy Adolescents Frontier/Epitaph
Agent Orange America Living In Darkness Posh Boy
Resist Uncle Sam Resistography Profane Existence
Crucifucks Democracy Spawns Bad Taste Our Will Be Done Alternative Tentacles
Kraut Don't Believe Live at CBGB's New Red Archives
Rojo Y Negro Red Black And Free Demo Self Released
Refuse/All Fear Of Freedom What Lurks Beneath? Active Distribution
D.O.A. America The Beautiful War On 45 Sudden Death
MDC Founding Fathers Magnus Dominus Corpus Sudden Death
Christ On Parade American Myth Sounds Of Nature Neurot Track 10
Unseen So This Is Freedom? So This Is Freedom? A-F Track 13
Government Satire/Defiant Trespass Government Satire - Patriotic Fuck split Square Of Opposition
X Devil Doll More Fun In The New World Elektra/Asylum
P.A.W.N.S./Political Silence Political Silence - What's In It For U.S.? split Bad Monkey
Broken Society Theme Song United We Sit Self Release
Reagan Youth U.S.A. A Collection Of Pop Classics New Red Archives
Anti-Flag On Independence Day The People Or The Gun Side One Dummy Track 9
Flux Of Pink Indians Some Of Us Scream, Some Of Us Shout Strive To Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible One Little Indian
The Proletariat Allegiance Voodoo Economics And Other American Tragedies TAANG!
The Mingers I Can't Save The World 'Cos I'm A Middle Class White Girl Passion Not Fashion Self Released Track 8
Corrupted Ideals Wake-Up Join The Resistance New Red Archives
TSOL Abolish Government/Silent Majority Thoughts Of Yesterday, 1981-1982 Posh Boy
Code Of Honor What Are We Gonna Do? Complete Studio Recordings 1982-1984 Subterranean
Resist And Exist System Remains The Same Ad Liberty Mass Media
Discharge You Take Part In Creating The System The Clay Punk Singles Collection Clay
Behind Enemy Lines As Fascism Takes Root One Nation Under The Iron Fist Of God Profane Existence Track 12
Pariah Up To Us Youths Of Age Posh Boy/Get Back
Faction The Kids Are The Future Collection 1982-1985 Beer City
Queers Night Of The Living Queers Later Days And Better Lays Lookout!
Pansy Division Smells Like Queer Spirit Pile Up Lookout!
7 Year Bitch The Scratch Viva Zapata C/Z
Bikini Kill Rebel Girl Bikini Girl Kill Rock Stars 7inch
Various Artists Bikini Kill - Suck My Left One There's A Dyke In The Pit Harp/Outpunk 7inch
Team Dresch She's Crushing My Mind Personal Best Chainsaw/Lesbionic Candy-Ass
Tribe 8 Wrong Bathroom Cafe Roadkill Alternative Tentacles
Tribe 8 Radar Love Cafe Roadkill Alternative Tentacles