He Hates Music, He Loves Noise

Robin Redbeast

Robin is back from visiting some relatives. 


Gross rock, skunch, impressionistic soundscapes, not-music, oldies.

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Friday 6/28/2013 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Arsenal Half Control Manipulator
Thrones Gift Horse Alraune
Work Mistake Split 12" w/ Piles
Synthetic ID Waterlogged Apertures 1-2-3-4 GO!
Kitchen + The Plastic Spoons In Bars Screams To God Dark Entries
Thrones/Some Velvet Sidewalk Valley of the Thrones A Day Late, a Dollar short
Thrones Oracle A Day Late, a Dollar short Tomorrow night at Davis Flea Space
Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting untitled Bubblethug Weird Forest
Dead C Children Eusa Kills Flying Nun
Helios Creed Tele-Vision Planet X
Sexy Prison Teen Wolves Party Like Whitney (Hard) Sexy Predator
Obnox Being Cleveland Corrupt Free Enterprise 12XU
Quttinirpaaq Suburban Roulette No Visitors Rural Isolation Project
Cows On Plasma Road taint plurbus taint unum Amphetamine Reptile records
Spray Paint Lap Swimming Spray Paint SS Records
Milk Music new lease on love Cruise Your Illusion Fat Possum
True Sons of Thunder Black Astrologers Black Astrologers Goner
Six Finger Satellite Law of Ruins Law of Ruins
Newcleus Computer Age (push the button) Jam on Revenge
Skullflower Wave Xaman "sub pop fans should be forced to endure side 2 endlessly"
Sunn0))) The Gates of Ballard White 1