Sub Zero


Good evening & welcome to the first Sub Zero show of the summer. This is a two-hour show in which the 1st hour will be mostly a surf style and the 2nd will be some indie, garage & whatever happens to fall onto the music players.


Surf, Indie, Garage, Pyschadelic, Blues, Sometimes Eclectic

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Monday 6/24/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Los Straightjackets Pacifica Damos Y Caballeros! live CD
The Aquamen Wild Turkey Do The Alkeehol! Aquatone great X-Y chart on back of the CD showing how alcohol consumption = music enjoyment until LOC
The Aquamen Jose Cuervo Do The Alkeehol! Aquatone Japanese surf music group
Ernst Ranglin Liquidation Boss Reggae album, side A, track 3
The Aqua Velvets Surf Noveau Nomad Milan prolific artists
The Aqua Velvets Return to Paia Nomad Milan
Concaves, The Heavy Surf Advisory Warning Heavy Surf Advisory Self-Released
Surf Trio Bring Me The Head Of Geraldo Rivera Forbidden Sounds Dionysis
Surf Trio Agent Invisible Goes West Forbidden Sounds Dionysis
Surf Teens Moonshine Surfin' Mania Dionysis
Surf Teens Kalini Wipeout Surfin' Mania Dionysis
The Surfaris Burnin Rubber Wipe Out - The Best of the Surfaris Varese Sarabange
The Surfaris Surfer Joe Wipe Out - The Best of the Surfaris Varese Sarabange
Southern Culture on the Skids Skull Bucket Dirt Track Date
Southern Culture on the Skids make Mayan a Hawaiian Dirt Track Date
The Takeoffs Pressure Blue Avalanche Self Released
The Takeoffs Blue Avalanche Blue Avalanche Self Released
The Story So Far Spark Fires from the Bay Area
Threat High Cost of Living
Airiel In Your Room Melted Clairecords
lovesliescrushing crushing bloweyelashwish Projekt
Aqueduct Hardcore days & Softcore Nights Pistols At Dawn Barsuk
Surf Trio Party in My Dorm Forbidden Sounds Dionysis
The Four Slicks Live it Up Four On The Floor Slick side B, track 1
The Four Slicks Long Ponytail Four On The Floor Slick side B, track 2
The Aquanettas Whoa! Roadhaus Rockville
Surf City Teachers Kudos Fire
Surf City Retro Kudos Fire
Surf City In Times of Approach Kudos Fire