Cardigans and Fist Fights

Clementine & The Blood Orange



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Thursday 5/30/2013 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Poodle Boys What Can I Do? 7" Gustav
Pop Defect Puro Desmadre! 7" Flipside
Forgotten Rebels Tell Me You Love Me Power Pop
G.P.S. Panique sur la plage Power Pop Fascinations France
Frefab Messiahs Prefab Sun 7" Almost Ready
Dyaks Gutter Kids Power Pop Fascinations USA
The Powerchords Chemical Girl More Than Me Bachelor Records
Neighborhoods No Place Like Home Power Pop Fascinations USA
Roxette Natascha Power Pop Fascinations France
Power Blessings In The Men's Room of the Sixteenth Century Power Blessings Manhattan Chemical and Electronic
Prehensile Monkey Tailed I Hate You Skink Blackjack Records
Pork GrandSlam Baby GrandSlam Baby No 6 Records
Popular Shapes Yeah Yeah & Symmetrical Girl 7" Split Dirtnap
Tiny Knives Peacock Biscuit We're On Our Own Wolves
Poppets Get Back Self-Titled Plastic Idol
Le Face Dunce Cap Isolation Dead Beat
Pollution Circus Destroy What Destroys You! Destroy Authority Before Authority Destroys You Sideshow
Pocket Fish Rmen Dead Dog 7" Dutch East India Trading
The Ponys Wicked City 7" Big Neck
Poison Idea Another Place Learning To Scream Taang!
Pounded Clown Get Away 7" Last Resort
Pop Smear Angel Talk 7" Harriet
Banque Allemande Warmes Wasser Willst du Chinese sein musst du die ekligen Sachen essen SS Records
Psy Ants Spike Bit Tongue Prik Vacant Valley
The Sleaze Too Close To Home Tecktonik Girlz & Other Hits Total Punk
Spray Paint Canadian Trash Spray Paint SS Records
Androids of Mu Lost In Space Blood Robots Free Love/Water Wing
Cat Problems 3hree Cat Problems Litterbox
The Garden The Tower The Garden Burger
Eddie Hazel Frantic Moments Smeero Warner Brothers Records
The Leg Hounds Gonna Be My Lady ...Date Your Daughters! Bulge
Marginal Prophets Beatloaf Bohemian Rap CD
Wimps Repeat Repeat End of Time Records
Grave Babies Over and UnderGround On Christopher Garbage Self Released