"In Focus" "Perspective"

Bernard Benson

DJ End-Stop subbing.

You bring the jelly, I'll bring the jams. 


Religious Talk, All Genres of Christian Music

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Sunday 5/26/2013 @ 8:00AM - 10:00AM
Cadallaca June -N- July Introducing K Records
Godzuki 12 Inch Dance Mix Godzuki / Asha Vida split 7
Wandering Lucy Drawback Leap Year K Records
His Name Is Alive Bad Luck Girl Stars On E.S.P 4AD http://www.hisnameisalive.com/
Teach Me Tiger Won't U Come Around? Won't U Come Around? Motorway
Benji Cossa For Tom's New Wave Movie We Can Still Be Friends Magic Marker
Tele Novella No Excalibur *playing 5/28 @ Bows & Arrows (Sac)
Rose Melberg Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy) September Lost Sound Tapes
Katie and Allison Crutchfield Oblivion http://rookiemag.com/2013/05/theme-song-katie-and-allison-crutchfield/
The Webs Cranial Caves Stay Holy
Katie & The Lichen Walking With A Snail This Forest isn't Big Enough http://katieandthelichen.bandcamp.com/ *playing 5/30 @ Robot Rocket Residence (Davis) w/Ok Vancouver Ok, Proper Subjects
Heathers Fire Ants Here, Not there. Plan-It-X / Hide Away
Hop Along, Queen Ansleis Hi Too Loo Rye Freshman Year
Amina Althea SIDE A Amina Althea / Christian Brady 7 Friends & Relatives
Kendl Winter At The Same Time At The Same Time K Records
Lovers Without Borders She Wants a Baby She Wants A Baby Self Released http://loverswithoutborders.blogspot.com/
Nod And The Hobgoblins Mollusks Masks Nod And The Hobgoblins Lost Sound Tapes http://nodandthehobgoblins.bandcamp.com/
Saturday Looks Good To Me Negative Space One Kiss Ends It All Polyvinyl http://www.slgtm.com/
Saturday Looks Good To Me Sunglasses (Screwed) Forever/Inside Life Like http://lifelike.bigcartel.com/product/saturday-looks-good-to-me-forever-inside-c-30-cassette
Ghibli The Crows Fly Back After The Storm Rare Pleasures http://ghibli.bandcamp.com/
Pregnant Phillip Your Song Get your own custom song for a small donation: http://pregnant.bandcamp.com/merch/your-song
Javelin Airfield Hi Beams Luaka Bop http://dollarbinsofthefuture.com/
Paradise I Love Thousands Every Summer I Love Thousands Every Summer b/w Psychic Returns Thin Wrist http://advicefromparadise.tumblr.com/
Blue Hawaii Sweet Tooth Untogether Arbutus Records http://www.trubluhawaii.com/
Jef Barbara I Have A Friend Montréal Compilation Volume II Arbutus http://arbutusrecords.com/?p=2076
Chairlift I Belong In Your Arms (Japanese version) I Belong In Your Arms Young Turks http://www.chairlifted.com/
Mozart's Sister Single Status Hello E.P Merok
Empress Of Camisa Favorita Systems Double Denim / Terrible http://empressof.me/