Shark Hour

Jaguar Shark


Pop, Rock

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Tuesday 5/21/2013 @ 1:00PM - 2:30PM
The Pearly Gatecrashers In the Summer New! Fluffy! Delicious! Zero Hour Records
The Aluminum Group Star Wish Plano Minty Fresh
BMX Bandits Your Class C86 Click!
V/A Brideshead - Arrogance or Elegance [Demo Version] Air Pop Apricot
Love Parade Lazy Days Lazy Days 7 Turntable Friend
Dolly Mixture My Rainbow Valley Dreamism! Trattoria
Cub Sweet Pea Betti-Cola Mint Records
Boyracer Your Dark Secrets We Are Made of the Same Wood Slumberland
Mighty Mighty One Way Sharks Chapter 22
Strawberry Story Caroline Our Floating Images of Youth [Disc 2] Vinyl Japan
Takako Minekawa Fantastic Cat Roomic Cube March
Boa Constrictor On My Way To Die On My Way To Die Record Union
The Crookes Chorus of Fools Chasing After Ghosts Fierce Panda Records
Smittens, the Gin and Platonic Gentlefication now Dangerfive
Cinnamon Heavenly Option The Courier Island
Club 8 Everlasting Love The Friend I Once Had March Records
Northern Portrait A Quiet Night in Copenhagen The Fallen Aristocracy EP Matinee
Hidden Cameras, The Boys of Melody The Smell of Our Own Rough Trade
Fitness Forever Bacharach Personal Train Elefant Records
Pipas A Short Film About Sleeping chunnel autumnal Long Lost Cousin
Aerospace The Only Things We Share A Minute History of Air and Space Modesto Records
Heavenly Boyfriend Stays the Same Heavenly Versus Satan Sarah
ABERDEEN Toy Tambourine BYRON Sarah
Hunx and His Punx Lovers Lane Too Young To Be In Love Hardly Art
Juniper Moon El Resto De Mi Vida El Resto De Mi Vida Elefant