Revenge of the Handlebar Moustache

Calamity Janie

I've biked 92 miles for May, and boy are my legs tired.  Two more weeks to go!  I've been sleeping like a baby at night, and it makes it hard to get up in the morning.

 Tonight I will exercise my cueing finger instead of my legs while I bring you some awesome records and CDs.  Yeah!!! 


Rock, Indie, Punk

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Thursday 5/16/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
The Volcanos Finish Line Fever Finish Line Fever Estrus LP 33 A1 surf instro
iji Wavy One Bird Man Movement Team Offtempo 33 B1 indie playing at ORMF
Toxie Newgate Newgate Goner NEW 45 A side indie
Alarm Clocks, The Yeah Yeah! Norton LP 33 A1 garage
The Headstones Just Another Name for Rock 'n' Roll Lover's Web Waterfront LP 45 B1 midtempo rock Roy Orbison song
The Holy Cows Here Tonight We Never Heard of You Either Herb Jackson Records LP 33 A2 midtempo rock/punk
Uh Bones Amess Only You Randy NEW simply rock
Subsonics High Priest of Nothing In The Black Spot Slovenly rock
Cooper, Alice Body Eighteen Warner Bros single 45 rock
Vida Remember Me Vida Self-released single 45 A1 rock, punk
Fine Steps We Are In Love Again Boy's Co. Song Records rock LP 33 B last playing at ORMF
Informatics Satellite to Russia Dance To A Dangerous Beat Dark Entries NEW LP 33 electro rock
Q4U Plastic Vision Q1 Deluxe Edition: 1980-1983 Dark Entries NEW LP 33 B 3rd to last electro rock
Mathematiques Modernes A + B = C Les Visiteurs Du Soir Medical NEW LP A3 minimal wave
V/A Metalux- Shelldrum Sur la Mer Samp-le-Mer 5 Rue Christine weird punk
Les Georges Leningrad I'm Too Sexy Alphabet Series L Tomlab single 45 orig: Right Said Fred electro punk
Le Face/DVA Damas DVA Damas- Babes in Boyland split EP Psychic Handshake single 33 death rock, play after Les Georges Leningrad
Negro Spirituals Black Garden Black Garden b/w Ancient Trees A Wicked Company NEW 45 b side sounds like Christian Death
The Sleaze Tecktonik Girlz Tecktonik Girlz & Other Hits Total Punk NEW 45 A1 HOLY CRAP PICK OF THE WEEK
Manikin Mirrors Stop the Sirens Super Secret punky rock
Androids of Mu She Is A Boy Blood Robots Free Love/Water Wing NEW LP 33 A4 punky
Rat Columns I Wonder Rat Columns Smart Guy Playing at ORMF
CLAW HAMMER Don't Walk Away BROTHER BRICK SAYS Trigon single 45 abstract punk
OBN IIIs Heavy Heart Live At WFMU 12XU NEW LP 33 A4 rocknroll
Barreracudas Nasty Boots 7th Time Around Windian Records B side 45 rocknroll
Brian Wilson Shock Treatment, the Take Me Back To My Grave Take Me Back to My Grave Slutfish/ Poe rockin garage punk
Protex Don't Ring Me Up Protex Sing Sing LP 33 B3 powerpop
Thee Crucials Downtown Give Me...A Keg... Of Beer Kaiser rocking garage
Drags Anxiety The Drags: 45 x 3 Empty frantic garage punk
v/a Born Losers- Pretty Girls Beep Repaired Family Tree Beep Repaired frantic rock, punk
Las Ardillas La Buscare Linda Nina Slovenly NEW 45 b side punk miembros de davila 666
Eastside Suicides Don't Kiss Me... I'll Kiss You Eastside Suicides Super Secret punk
Dishes Punch Drunk The Dishes No. 89 Records punk
Ceremony Quarantine Zoo Matador Records punk