Sub Zero


Welcome back.  As the weather heats up for summer just  fantasize about the beach while listening to Sub Zero surf music.


Surf, Indie, Garage, Psychedelic, sometimes Eclectic

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Thursday 6/06/2013 @ 3:00AM - 4:30AM
The Aqualads It Came From The Sea
The Aquamen Mezcal Do The Alkeehol! Aquatone 1999
The Aquamen Roja Do The Alkeehol! Aquatone 1999
The Concaves Surfing the LIght Warning Heavy Surf Advisory
The Halibuts Hammerhead Life on the Bottom Upstar
The Halibuts Caldera Life on the Bottom Upstar
The Irradiates Margaya
The Gasolines King Of Stomp
Tremolo Wankers Waikiki Space Surf
The Tormentos Contact
Dry Feet Long Live Dry Feet
The Aqua Velvets Hawaiian Blue The Aqua Velvets Mesa
The Aqua Velvets Green Sunshine The Aqua Velvets Mesa
The Torpedoes The Snake Good for the Country Resurgent
The Concaves Heavy Surf Advisory Warning Heavy Surf Advisory
The Huntington Cads Lunar Luau "Go Exotic!" Mai Tai
The Huntington Cads Enchantment "Go Exotic!" Mai Tai
Apricot Rail Basket Case Quarrels Hidden Shoal Recordings
Apricot Rail Another Roof Quarrels Hidden Shoal Recordings
La Luz Easy Baby Call Me In the Day b/w Easy Baby Water Wing recorded summer 2012
Freak Out Jamming Brother Psychedelic Underground #7 Garden of Delights
Miles Corbin Hangin Low in Paradise Musique de Paradiso Riptide