The Prog Rock Palace

DJ Markuss & Curtis Carroll & The D. Elkan

Baja Prog 2013 takes place this weekend in Mexicali, BC. In its honor, I'll feature an extended track from Sweden's Anglagard; one of the many groups on the schedule.

Many sub-genres represented on today's show. Old and new; weird and not-so-weird. The Prog Rock Palace - where prog lives and thrives. 


Progressive Rock

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Saturday 4/06/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Aphrodite's Child The Lamb/The Seventh Seal 666 Vertigo 1972. Greece
Pendragon Sister Bluebird Fallen Dreams and Angels Inside Out 1994. UK
Renaissance Tyrant-Tula Camera Camera IRS 1981/1997. UK
Epica Avalanche Requiem For The Indifferent Nuclear Blast 2012. Netherlands
Jethro Tull Back To The Family Stand Up Reprise/Chrysalis 1969/2007. UK
IQ Sacred Sound Dark Matter Inside Out 2004. UK
Peter Hammill Re-Awakening Fool's Mate A&M/Charisma 1971. UK
Traffic Someone Is Cryin' To Be Heard Trafffic UA/Track 1968/2007. UK
13th Floor Elevators Slip Inside This House The Psychedelic Sounds of... Collectibles 1966/1993. Texas
Camel Vopos Stationary Traveler Polygram 1984. UK
Procol Harum Fires (Which Burn Brightly) Grand Hotel Chrysalis 1973. UK
Glass Hammer Our Foe Revealed Perilious Arion 2012. Tennessee
Roswell Six Terra Incognita Here Come Monsters ProgRock 2009. US
Thinking Plague The Guardian This Is Life ReR 1989/2003. Colorado
King Crimson Starless and Bible Black Starless and Bible Black EG 1974/2011
Anglagard Landstans Klock Vijans Oga Self-released 2012. Sweden