A Means To An End

Anne Halo

(A) silent LOVE (Mean)s hypocrisy (To) the meaning OF ZERO. nothing, always (An)d forever (End)s.


Darkwave, Ethereal, Coldwave, Industrial, No Wave, Experimental, Shoegaze, Death Rock

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Saturday 4/13/2013 @ 7:00PM - 9:00PM
Weekend Mirror Jinx Slumberland - out 7/23/13
Knusperkeks Praktisch Knusperkeks Zickzack - Germany 1983
Dilemma Dracula Dilemma Mauerstadtmusik -Germany 2006
Leben Und Arbeiten Aminita Untitled Zickzack - Germany 1982
Psychic Youth The Future Is Now b/w Step In Time No Label - 1982
A Blaze Colour An Addict Of Time Against The Dark Trees Beyond Ablaco Records - Belgium 1982
Belaboris Monsteribaari Olipa Kerran Poko Records - Finland 1984 (song can also be found on a release from Dark Entries 2013)
Q4U Böring Q1 Gramm - Iceland 1982 (reissue on Dark Entries 2013)
Trop Tard Enfermed del alma Photodrame Les Deportes - France 1987 (reissue by Sacred Bones 2012)
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons Happy Funeral Serve You! Kitchooons Plastic - Sweden 1980 (can also be found on reissue from Dark Entries 2013)
Le Face Under the Wires Le Face Tic Tac Totally
COUM Transmissions Dogs Are Funny People The Sound Of Porridge Bubbling Dais Records
SPK Mekano Mekano 7 inch Side Effects - 1979 ltd. 150
Boredoms Synthesizer Guide Book on Fire Chocolate Synthesizer WEA Japan
DNA Size DNA On DNA No More Records
Psychic Teens Yung Teen Golden Voyage
Deathday Dead Voices Split with Bestial Mouths Desire Records
Half Church Attention Span In Turmoil EP WiN Records
Drug Wars 7 12 13 7 1 14 11 3 5
Bestial Mouths Hollowed Split with Deathday Desire Records
aTELECINE Light Through the Leaves The Falcon and The Pod Pendu Sound
No Joy Hare Tarot Lies Wait To Pleasure Mexican Summer - out 4/23
Heavïness Nothing Forbids You Heavïness Quince Records - Japan 2008
Ringo Deathstarr Burn Mauve Sonic Unyon
Medicine Long As the Sun To the Happy Few Captured Tracks - out 8/6/13
Black Bug Reflecting The Light Reflecting The Light HoZac
Robin Crutchfield Poison Splinter The Hidden Folk Important
Twin Stumps Drainage City Seedbed Fan Death
Broken Water Spore Whet Perennial